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I need assistance with Classical Elements

  1. Oct 5, 2014 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    The classification of the states of matter as we now know them is a relatively recent system evolved from more ancient and holistic views. These ancient systems, many of them still very prominent today were the guides to thinking about the natural world, they were the science of the time. It is only since the Renaissance that we have separated our study of the natural world (science) from our spiritual connection to it (religion).

    Choose one of the following world philosophies and explore its views about the classification of the classical elements. What does it say about the composition of our world? What are the elements of the world? What do these elements represent? What meaning did they give to these elements? How is their system different than how we classify the natural world today? (googling "natural elements in ______" is a good way to start)

    Chinese (Wuxing)
    Hinduism (Panchamahabhutas)

    Create a new thread with your findings. Try not to write it as answers to the guide questions above, but tell your classmates about the philosophy's classification of the natural world.

    Your original response is graded on its use of appropriate facts as support, proper use and incorporation of scientific terminology, freedom from emotional bias, and a logical presentation. In addition to your original post, read through other student's posts and post a meaningful reply to at least one. A meaningful reply extends the comments or thoughts of the original post by asking questions, offering additional information, presenting an opposing analysis, sharing appropriate examples. In all cases use proper netiquette in your postings.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    I am choosing Greek. Now I have researched and i found that Greeks has 4 natural elements and that is Fire, Water, air, and earth. what I am not understanding is how to type it into a post. I have a learning disability so it is a bit harder for me to grasp concepts and word things. This is an online high school by the way so they want me to make a discussion post where the other students will comment and give their views on it.
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    Hard to help not knowing how the online system works. So far you managed to post what you have found at our forum, and I see nothing wrong about your post. You definitely should add more information about how the elements interacted and combined.
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