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I need Battery input: 100-240V, 2A, 50-60Hz; output: 19V , 7.9 A, 150W

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    I have a wish to "create" a battery that I can use as replacement for a regular power adapter. Main reason I want to do this is to get something that will be mobile with my PC (HP Touch Smart)

    Input: 100-240, 2A, 50-60 HZ
    Output: 19V, 7.9A, 150W

    What technical solutions am I looking at to accomplish something like this?

    Any Help will be appreciated!
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    You forgot to say during how much time you need those 150W.

    Say 4 hours; and say you're using a 12V battery followed by a DC-DC converter at 95% efficiency; that makes a 12V battery at 7.9*19/12/0.95 = 13A for 4 hours. So, 12V, 52 A.h. That would be a wheelchair battery, or a small scooter battery.

    But it should weight some 10 pounds, plus the converter, plus the charging circuit... not exactly portable - plus, I wouldn't be walking around carrying an acid-based battery, so you should probably use banks of Ni-Cd batteries, which will be also be heavy and more expensive.

    You see, the basic problem is that the HP Touch Smart looks like a laptop but isn't... it consumes too much power.
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    Thanks a lot :)

    I did realize your "You see, the basic problem is that the HP Touch Smart looks like a laptop but isn't... it consumes too much power."... and it is too late now, but i really need to have this Power supply for my project (this will be rechargeable (4 hours is enough))
    What you suggest me to do, and where can I find or buy this kind a "piece of battery"

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    jim hardy

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    check HP 's forums

    you'll likely need a very unusual connector to plug into that laptop.

    son's pavillion used 3 terminal plug,
    outside shield is negative
    middle shield is positive
    center pin is digital communication between power supply and computer (not remote sense)

    Grainger Supply stocks batteries for emergency exit lights that seem about right flavor.
    see also Walmart gel cells for kids Barbie cars.
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    If your project allows your car to be nearby, something you can do rather easily is to use an inverter - it converts the 12V DC from your car into 110V AC, into which you can just plug your current adapter.

    A note about that: there are 150W cigarette-lighter based car inverters in the $15 to $25 range, but if you want to use one of those you better check your cigarette lighter power rating, as 150W seems a bit on the limit end for those.
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    OK... Lets go again! :)

    I need battery that can give me output: 19V , 7.9 A, 150W for a couple of hours (3-5), rechargable on 100-240V, 2A, 50-60Hz. This is nothing that I want to use in my car or so. This is for internal use (mobile in the wide area for a couple of hours). And It ia not for Laptop, it is for hp TouchSmart AllInOne :(

    Thanks jim hardy and fbs7.... :)
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    jim hardy

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    i still dont know if you're carrying this equipment through fields and forests with battery in a backpack
    or in a glider over the Rockies.

    7.9a for 3 hours is almost 24 amp-hours, a not insignificant battery.
    at 18 volts you're probably looking at nearly a pound per amp-hour in lead-acid.
    and be aware batteries are rated for specific discharge rate, like 8 hours
    so you wont get full capacity running it down in 3.

    that's why i suggested Barbie-car batteries from Walmart.
    Available and consumer priced, so first experiment won't break the bank.

    here's a general purpose battery with about half the capacity you asked for
    http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/Rechargeable-Battery-5EFF7 [Broken]

    three of them in series should give an hour or two.

    are you carrying the battery in a knapsack?

    here's something higher tech on Ebay , maybe two of them would get you by .

    the guy has those wierdo connectors too.

    are you adept at construction?
    "Dave Johnson" over at <discovercircuits dot com> gave plans last year for a 12 to 18 volt booster that allowed running laptop from cigarette lighter. that's nice because starting from 12 volts, it only has to add 1/3 of the total power.
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    Thanks for all your information... Here is mine:

    I want to have my HP Touch Smart 520 (AllInOne with 19 V, 7,9 A and 150 W) mobile for couple of hours in the school area (classrooms) for education. There is no outlets in some of the classrooms (willage school) so I need power for that period of time.

    What solution will be the best and less money to spend! :)

    Thanks a lot!
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    jim hardy

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    i'd say a deep cycle marine/RV battery and cigarette lighter plug inverter to power your normal AC adapter, and one of those fold-up luggage carriers to wheel it around the school..

    boat batteries have handy connection of wing nuts on top and any RV accessories department has cigarette lighter outlet to battery terminal adapter for around five bucks..

    what part of world are you in? here in US we can get all that stuff at Wal-mart or Tractor supply.

    here's a brief writeup by a fellow who advises against ordinary car or garden tractor batteries.
    http://search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oG7qHXMRhPPEoAgSsPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBybnZlZnRlBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkAw--/SIG=12fg6msp5/EXP=1327014487/**http%3a//powerwheelscd.com/images/gardentractorbatteries1.pdf [Broken]

    if you're nervous about kids around a battery containing acid, look for a "Gel Cell" battery instead. like the Barbie cars use only bigger. hot-rodders use them for thier boomer amolifiers so an auto parts store likely has them, or a bigger Wal-mart store.

    or to keep tiny fingers safe, put the battery in a marine battery box (available at any fishing department) and securely affix top.

    i looked at the HP site for your computer. i think it is likely not a constant 150 watts so you might get by with a smaller battery, the utility/garden size (about half car size) if you can find one in deep cycle. there's marine battery boxes for them too.

    my 2 cents :) :)
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    jim hardy

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    jim hardy

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    in Walmart today i looked

    they carry three sizes of deep cycle 12 volt battery
    look for DC in part number among their marine & RV batteries.

    group24 is probably most bang for the buck in your application

    i didnt see a deep cycle utility size .
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