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I need to do a project for science fair based on newton's laws

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    The science fair is after 1-2 months but I should submit a report not exceeding 300 words what I will do in the project tomorrow morning to my teacher. Now it's 10pm. Please give me ideas as soon as possible(Before 30min from now)
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    This kind of is your project, not ours. And you probably had this assignment for a while, so why do you only ask for help 30 minutes before the deadline??

    Please, tell us your ideas and your thoughts, and we can help your further.
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    No I got this today evening and searched till now and I got this idea of asking now only.
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    I think of doing something like a seismometer. But I am very confused on what concept to use and how to use
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    I suggest starting here;


    Hyperphysics is a really useful site and the 'web' of connected ideas at the top of the page will allow you to explore their inter-connections.
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