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I need to transpose for the value of Q

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    Mod note: This thread is closed. @Rodo, this appears to be homework that is misplaced, with no effort shown. You are welcome to repost in the Homework & Coursework section, but you need to use the homework template and show what you have tried.
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    Do you want to solve for Q or what?
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    Do you mean "solve for Q" (not "transpose")? The word "transpose" has quite a different meaning in Linear Algebra than it does in "ordinary algebra. And is that last -1 under the fraction sign? That is, Do you mean Q(Rn- 1)/(R- 1)?
    And why is this in "Linear and Abstract Algebra"? Are these matrices? If so how are you defining that division by either R or R- 1?

    If the letters just represent numbers (and so this should be in "General Math", not "Linear and Abstract Algebra"- of course, if you are just taking basic "algebra" you would not know what "Linear Algebra" and "Linear Algebra" are. It's a common mistake), then solve
    B=PR^n-Q(R^n-1)/R-1 by
    (1) Add 1 to both sides
    (2) Add PR^n to both sides
    (3) Multiply both sides by R
    (4) Divide both sides by R^n- 1,
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    Please make a question. Posting just a formula without explaining anything is like answering:
    Q= AB + C
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