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I need your suggestions please

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    hi everyone,
    i am doing BS Physics. now its time to choose a project in specific field and i am confused that which field should i choose and which one is better experimental or theoretical?
    as i found this forum very helpful so hopping that everyone gives me sincere suggestion and help me out in this situation.
    looking forward for suggestions.

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    This is sort of like asking which is better Italian food or Mexican food. Most of it just depends on personal taste.
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    lolzz.. you didn't get me. actually i want to ask that which field has better scope in future?
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    Probably the answer is the same!
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    i have interest in both fields.
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    You're asking a very broad question.

    I might recommend talking with several of the potential advisors for your thesis project to see what projects they have available. Listen to what they have to say and try to determine things like how interesting you find each project, how much you can realistically get done on each in the time you have, whether you will like working with the particular advisor, whether such projects can lead to graduate work, and of course "which field has better scope in future."

    Once you have specifics, it's a lot easier for people online to comment on the relative merrit of each project, rather than comparing two abstractions such as the realms of experimental or theoretical physics.
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    thank you very much for your detailed reply i really appreciate. your are very right. intact i am doing internship now a days on ALICE abbreviated as a large ion collider experiment hosting at CERN. and i am thinking that i should carry on this project as my final year project.
    i really like your field "medical physics". i was studying about this field. can you please tell me that what are you specifically doing in this field? your PHD topic?
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