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I really need a good linear algebra book!

  1. Oct 7, 2013 #1
    Here is the syllabus for my first linear algebra course: http://gyazo.com/002e551e368990efb32b916dac40c2df

    Right now, we are going through stuff like operations such as curley E(i,j;lambda) curley D(i,lambda) etc and I don't know where to find extra work on these, so I really need a book going through this. Preferably a pure based one with some routine computational questions also

    I have tried lang's linear algebra but it did not include these operations.
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    I doubt you will find a single text that covers all of that. It seems to be about half "theory of proof" and "set theory" then the other half linear algebra.
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    Could you recommend one for the linear algebra part only please?
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    Doesn't the course include a book recommendation?

    Where will the problem sets come from? If you buy one book, but the problem sets come from another, you will end up spending more money than you have to.

    My first Linear Algebra textbook was "Elementary Linear Algebra" by Stanley I. Grossman.
    (I was in an engineering program.)

    I thought it was very good. For somebody who was brand-new to the field of Linear Algebra, I thought it did a good job of introducing and explaining concepts.

    Also, in another thread in these forums, I recommended the textbook that goes along with the MIT OpenCourseware course:


    I mean, if it is good enough for MIT students, it should be a pretty good book.
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