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I remember reading somewhere about how a wormhole lets you see

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    I remember reading somewhere about how a wormhole lets you see yourself 10-30 years ago, I don't understand how that works. I knew they are a 'shortcut' through space time, but is it because your travelling a distance so large, but technically your just going through a much shorter distance, through a wormhole?
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    Re: Wormhole

    It doesn't work. It's nonsense.
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    Re: Wormhole

    They connect two different asymptotically flat regions of space - time or even a single one and in such a case it is possible that the space - time distance through the wormhole itself is shorter than the space - time distance between the two mouths (connecting the two regions) as per the outside region so you could technically go through at a certain event and arrive at an earlier event. But as Phinds stated, we haven't really observed one yet plus they require a negative energy density to actually be created which classically isn't possible.
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