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I think I missed my calling; how can I slightly change paths in grad school?

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    So I'm graduating in a little under two weeks with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The thing is, having looked at my transcript, I did way way better in my Chem (3.66 GPA) and Physics courses (3.4 GPA, though we were only required to take the introductory level Physics courses) than I did in my BMB courses (3.0 GPA). I'm kind of wishing now I had become a Chemistry major with maybe a minor in BMB.

    I don't want to do grad school right away; I want to get some industry experience before hand. Still, is anyone aware of any good fields or graduate programs that will be heavily chemistry laden but where I can still utilize my BMB knowledge and skills?
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    I'm not in the field, but I have noticed that some schools offer two biochemistry degrees - one from the chemistry department and another from the biology department. I recommend finding a chemistry program with a biochemistry concentration.
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    One simple solution - apply to chemistry graduate programs, do biochemistry research. As long as you completed a typical full one-year sequence in organic and physical chemistry, this is - at least in principle - doable. This is what I did (although I did have a chem minor and was short a couple credits for a physics minor) - mind you, it's been a decade since then, but I know a couple of people who have done the same in my peer group.

    You may have some success with biomedical research programs, although this is going to really depend on the program in question and its faculty. You can find people doing some serious chemistry in - for example - pharmaceutical chemistry or pharmacology departments, or in biophysics/biochemistry programs. You just need to figure out what - approximately speaking - you want to do first, and then look in that direction.
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