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A I want to know the exact problems of Merging GR and QM

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    This thread is I want a set of experts in the subject to show me the exact math of why Einstein's field Equations along with Special Relativity and Schrodinger's Equation along with deeper QM like QFT cannot be fused with GR. I want to see the exact anomalies in the equations myself from the view of Standard Physics for analysis in a speculative model of Quantum Gravity in another forum as that is against the rules of physicsforums.com
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    This is way too broad a question. There is plenty of literature on this topic already. You have marked this thread as "A" level indicating a graduate level background with the subject matter; that means you should already have encountered at least some of the existing literature that deals with this question.

    A very general answer would be that quantum mechanics requires that any physical system can exist in a superposition of states with probabilities for different results of measurements; but GR does not model spacetime this way, it gives one unique spacetime geometry. Efforts to quantize GR along the same lines as other field theories lead to a non-renormalizable theory; and heuristically, we don't expect quantum effects of gravity to show up until the Planck scale, which is about 20 orders of magnitude out of reach of our current experiments, so we have no way of exploring possible quantum effects of gravity experimentally to guide our theorizing.
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    I do, I would like to peer review this concept and to do this I need detailed math on the subject in the current models of physics. I would like your viewpoint.
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    That's not what PF is for. Peer reviewing is something that should be done with scientific papers before they are published and become topics of discussion here. So you would need to contact journals that send out papers for review.
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    Let's call this a "Soft" peer review. I would like all information you know about this subject in math. I am not going to waste 2 grand or more in journal publishing fees without knowing it has a chance for success in mainstream physics.
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    Sorry, that's too broad, as I've already said. You need to do the work yourself of reading the literature and finding specific questions to ask.

    Thread closed.
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    The moderators were contacted with the idea this thread would benefit others reading it from one last post - so here it is.

    A science adviser wanted it mentioned there are many long review articles on quantum gravity that discuss the issues and also problems and limitations of current solution attempts. Each of these is typically over 50 pages with hundreds of references. These are where you should start:

    I always personally post the following paper that gives a different take on the whole thing:

    Thread now shut - permanently.

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