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I want to self teach College Algebra but I don't know how?

  1. Dec 11, 2014 #1
    I was enrolled in College Algebra for this upcoming winter because the hours will overlap with the class that I enrolled for spring.

    The reason why I want to learn this, is to refresh my Algebra skills, since I forgot most of it (I only remember matrices, radicals and identities). The purpose is to work as a tutor in a math workshop at my local community college.

    I was wondering if you guys would recommend a book for College Algebra, or if there are betyer suggestions, that would be highly appreciated.
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    Check out Khan's Academy or MathIsPower4U both have good videos that can teach you the concepts and teach you how to teach the concepts as a tutor.

    You could also get Schaum's Outline on College Algebra or some other Algebra review book to go along with it. The review book will help with framing the solution so its more teachable.




    and this book had really good ratings:

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    Yeah, the Schaum's outline was one of those books I was considering and still in mind. Thanks for the recommendation. The Khan academy is another website I will look at as well

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