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The Poetry Book Society (PBS) was founded in 1953 by T. S. Eliot and friends, including Sir Basil Blackwell, "to propagate the art of poetry". Eric Walter White was secretary from December 1953 until 1971, and was subsequently the society's chairman. The PBS was chaired by Philip Larkin in the 1980s. Each quarter the Society selects one newly published collection of poetry as its "Choice" title for its members and makes four "Recommendations" for optional purchase. In recent years, the Society has expanded its selected titles to promote translated poetry and pamphlets. The Society also publishes the quarterly poetry journal, the PBS Bulletin, and until 2016 administered the annual T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry. Following the Poetry Society's instigation of its New Generation Poets promotion in 1994, the Poetry Book Society organised two subsequent "Next Generation Poets" promotions in 2004 and 2014. In 2016 the former Poetry Book Society charity which had managed the book club from 1953 had to be wound up, with its director Chris Holifield appointed as the new director of the T.S. Eliot Prize, and with its book club and company name taken over by book sales agency Inpress Ltd in Newcastle.The British Library acquired the Poetry Book Society archive in 1988 and 1996 consisting of organisational papers, correspondence, financial papers, publicity and photographs.

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  1. Bertin

    Applied Bibliography on integration and ODE/PDE solving techniques for physics

    Hi, you all, I open this thread to ask for any recommendation concerning integration as well as ODE/PDE solving techniques for physics. I love mathematics, and I usually read material on pure mathematics (most notably abstract algebra and a bit of topology) but here I'm more interested in the...
  2. matqkks

    Classical Mathematics textbooks

    What are the classical mathematics textbooks for advanced and undergraduate level that a mathematician should possess?
  3. R

    Quantum Books recommendation covering the Hydrogen atom and Kepler's laws (seperately)

    Hi, I have an interview for masters degree program in 2 weeks and they asked to study two subjects thoroughly, first being Hydrogen atom and second being Kepler's laws. any one recommends one book about each subject with advanced level questions that would help me understand the subjects to a...
  4. C

    Book on how to define ideas rigorously

    I know the logic of proving/disproving mathematical statements, I learned it by reading books, texts regarding to the matter, lots of exercises ( in the subject of how to do mathematical proofs and in the subject of proving/disproving statements in my math courses [ e.g. Linear Algebra, Real...
  5. Istiak

    I Book suggestions for classical thermodynamics

    I was looking for book on classical thermodynamics. I found lot of related posts in PSE but couldn't find a book which type I was expecting. I was searching for book which covers the whole thermodynamics (not QM but it's ok if there's some knowledge of Relativity), and I want some problems in...
  6. warhammer

    Other Need guidance please for purchasing a textbook on Math Physics

    (EDIT: I have also added 2 snippets of the syllabus of the entire Math Physics course in my curriculum as reference). I am currently in the 3rd Semester of my 3 year UG Physics degree from where the subject of Math Physics has been separately included. I need extensive guidance from someone...
  7. Falgun

    Classical Electromagnetism textbooks

    I have always been interested in learning more about electromagnetism after going through Resnick Halliday Krane 5th edition. Upon reading a few ( read quite a lot) of E&M book threads, I have come to realise that the following texts are often pitched as alternatives to each other: Griffiths...
  8. C

    Geometry Recommendation for High School Geometry book

    Dear Everyone, So I would like some recommendation for high school geometry books that are affordable and preferably e-books. Why do I need some books on high school geometry? I would like to improve my geometric reasoning. When I took high school geometry a decade and half ago, I was...
  9. Yukatto

    Engineering Recommended book for Optical Engineering graduate

    I am a recent Optical Engineering graduate, It's easy to forget about concepts that I learned, so I would like to have a book to that can help me while preparing for job interviews, a book to help me remember the most important concept in Optics and Optical Engineering. Can anybody recommend...
  10. N

    Prerequisites for studying Quarks and Leptons (Halzen and Martin)

    I study physics on my own and just ended up Griffiths' book on Quantum Mechanics. Is this level of QM enough to be able to study Halzen and Martin's Quarks and Leptons book on particle physics? I planned on studying it while studying Sakurai QM, but I just wanted to be sure that I could at least...
  11. J

    Help Programming ARM7TDMI-S in Assembly

    Hello friends, I'm looking to program the ARM7TDMI-S in assembly. Can anyone recommend any good development boards? Can anyone recommend an IDE? Can anyone recommend a textbook that would be good for leaning how to program this processor in Assembly? I know various other programming languages...
  12. P

    Studying Should I read Introduction to Calculus and Analysis by Courant?

    Should i read Introduction to Calculus and Analysis by Courant? I have calculus background I want to study multivariable and single variable in rigorous way There is a lot of books in this subject like Spivak, apstoal,Courant,.... . I am not sure what to choose
  13. LittleRookie

    B Elementary analytic geometry textbook recommendation

    Every explanation about scaling a 2D vector, or equivalently having a line segment PQ on cartesian plane and then find a point R on the line PQ satisfying PR/PQ = r (fixed given r) starts with that one specific case in the picture. A formula for the coordinates of R is then given for that case...
  14. JD_PM

    Nuclear An "Introduction to Nuclear Physics" book

    Hi, I am wondering what's the best (or one of the best) available books on Introduction to Nuclear Physics. I started reading Krane's, which is a good book. However I am looking for more options. I am most interested in books which give a deep insight into physics concepts without lacking of...
  15. Hawkingo

    What are some good books on electricity and Magnetism

    Can someone please suggest some good books on electricity and Magnetism for graduation in physics? Thanks for helping:smile:
  16. JD_PM

    What's book would you recommend on Cosmology?

    I have searched and came across: Introduction to Cosmology by Barbara Ryden Modern Cosmology by Dodelson What would you recommend? This is for a Master's course where basic...
  17. S

    Does anybody know of any good books for math? (functions)

    Does anybody know any good books to learn math?
  18. V

    How to make chemistry my forte

    Hi everyone, I am a 10th grade student studying in India( would be in 11th in 2 months) I am not very good at chemistry. I have difficulty understanding the concepts. Although I don't have any doubts, I just don't feel confident. Also, my teacher is not very good. Whenever I would ask him...
  19. J

    Applied Numerical Analysis book question

    So in my future numerical analysis class the recommended book i liked the most was Numerical mathematics by Quarteroni : Since i like this...
  20. Nihal Jalal

    How do i learn math and physics from the ground up?

    I know there is a lot of questions like this in this community but I need a personalized answer. I am 15 years old. I've always loved physics and always asks questions. My wish for learning physics dates back to 2016. Yeah that's right, I've spend two years just looking for the right resources...
  21. J

    Quantum QFT book recommendations except Peskin/Schroeder

    Hello! Due to the textbook by Peskin and Schroeder being rather old, I was wondering what are other, more pedagogical textbooks on Quantum Field Theory that you would recommend! Any suggestion is appreciated!
  22. J

    Quantum What are your thoughts on Manoukian's QFT textbooks?

    Hello! Manoukian's two books on Quantum Field Theory seem pretty good to me, but before buying them I would like to know your thoughts about them! Bear in mind that I need a pedagogical textbook(with good exercises if possible). Thanks!
  23. M

    I Experimental history of quantum physics

    Hello I have a bunch of issues with the various interpretations of quantum physics. I'd like to dig into it but most text books on the topic just throw in your face a bunch of equations and tell you "that's the way it works" Intead, I'm looking for a detailed history of the experiments that led...
  24. A

    Classical Best Statistical Mechanics books for studying for qualifier?

    Does any one have any good books, or other references, that they would recommend for studying for the thermodynamics & statistical mechanics portion of graduate qualifying exams? I didn't have any undergrad Stat Mech and my grad prof/class was really not good, to the point that I didn't really...
  25. Tukhara

    Other Books for a friend interested in mathematical physics but..?

    Okay, I have a good friend and he is into the idea of becoming a Mathematical Physicist; however, there's several issues at hand. He's in his mid 20's and attends a really cheap community college. Apparently his high school was horrible at teaching students good material; in other words, he...
  26. Tukhara

    Foundations Books on mathematical logic, foundations, and philosophy

    Hello, all. I am looking for some good books to start becoming invested in mathematical logic, the foundations of the field of mathematics, and also basically in general the philosophical heart of this wide subject which has interested me greatly. Now I have already read Shoenfield and Halmos...
  27. daniele1234

    Number Theory Undergraduate Number Theory Book Recommendations

    Hi , everyone! This is my first post/thread/anything on this forum so first I apologise if I slip up or make any mistakes. Anyway, my question is about recommendations for textbooks for Undergraduate Number Theory. So far, I have studied Calculus 1-3 (including things like line integrals...
  28. B

    Algebra Supplementary Problems for Zariski/Samuel's Commutative Alg.

    Dear teachers, I am curious if you know some good books that have problems well supplemented to "Commutative Algebra I-II" by Zariski/Samuel. I am really enjoying it, but it does not have any exercise, leaving me to try coming up with my own problems (it is fun to do, but I would like to solve...
  29. qnach

    Books on dielectric antennae

    WiKi indicate Millimetre Wave Antennas for Gigabit Wireless Communications: A Practical Guide to Design and Analysis in a System Context Huang, Kao‐Cheng ; Edwards, David J. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd But our library do not have this book. Has anyone know other book on this...
  30. T

    I Online sourses to learn chi square test of homogeneity

    I want to study chi square test of homogeneity from any authentic source- book / website especially problems where samples are compared for more than one attribute. What are some relevant sources? Relevant background: I was studying examples from random online sources before I saw this book...
  31. B

    Algebra Tips for reading Grothendieck's EGA/SGA/FGA trilogy

    Dear Physics Forum advisers, I am very interested in studying the art of algebraic geometry, motivated by its applications in the machine learning and data analytics. I recently came across Grothendieck's EGA/SGA/FGA saga, and I am really interested in reading it as I like how it presents the...
  32. Andy_K

    One-Stop Book on Relativity

    Dear All, I am trying to find some good books that provide a comprehensive one-stop education for special and general relativity, with concise coverage of key fundamentals of the maths involved. It is intended for self study, and I do not have strong fundamentals on advanced physics / maths...
  33. Mikey16

    Self-study Astrophysics by Reading Books

    I am a mechanical engineering student who got a master offer in space science recently. This master course is more like astrophysics. So if I want to systematically study astrophysics, where should I start and which books should I start reading first of all? Thanks!
  34. I

    Other Superconductor book for starter?

    I got interested in this superconductor stuff a few week ago and I just want to learn more about this. So any book or ebook recommendation about superconductor ? especially for starter ? Note: I'm a new engineering student
  35. H

    Studying What books can I learn from the most?

    Okay, so I'm currently a mechanical engineering major at San Jose State University, but I just want to become much more engaged with physics and mathematics. I do pretty good with calculus, math comes easy to me. I'm a first year student taking calculus 2. I was just wondering what books I can...
  36. Run like hell

    Quantum Weinberg: The quantum theory of fields 2005 edition vs 1995

    Hi all, I'm about to buy the first volume of the series by Weinberg, but I'm a little worried about the edition, see I have a lot of requisites for a book before buying it. I've seen in the library the old hardcover edition and it looks fine for me: it's not written too small and the book even...
  37. C

    B What books do guys use?

    What's some name of the books you guys have? Thank you in advance!
  38. B

    Quantum "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by Sakurai for First Encounter

    Dear friends, Can "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by Sakurai be used as a first introduction to the quantum mechanics, given that I have a professor who can guide my reading and supplementary books? I recently got an opportunity for a reading course in rigorous QM, and I thought Sakurai would be a...
  39. B

    Other Do "older" books provide unique insights?

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I am curious what are your opinions about the "older" books in mathematics and physics (i.e. Neumann, Schrodinger, Dirac for QM, Hawking/Ellis for relativity, Russell for mathematics, etc.). From my experience with mathematical books, I found that I have liking to...
  40. B

    Studying How to Learn both Differential Geometry and Relativity?

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, Is it possible to learn differential geometry simultaneously while learning the relativity and gravitation? I have been reading Weinberg's book (currently in Chapter 02), but I believe that modern research in relativity is heavily based on the differential...
  41. Indiana

    Applied Which is more mathematical?

    Which is more mathematical among The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics and Mathematics for Physics by Michael Stone and Paul Goldbart? Both of them are applied mathematics books. What are the main differences between them? Which is more mathematical i.e. mathematically advanced...
  42. P

    Classical Book recommendations for Boltzmann equation

    Im trying to learn transport processes and the Boltzmann transport equation. What books do you guys recommend for beginners? Thanks!
  43. B

    Other Seeking "Reference" Textbooks in Mathematical Physics

    Dear Friends, Could you suggest me some good textbooks in the mathematical physics that I can use for both studying and reference? I am currently reading Landau/Lifshitz' trilogy along with couple other books (Weinberg for gravity, Arnold, etc) in different branches of physics, and I need to...
  44. L

    B Does anyone know this book?

    I'm looking for a book of classical mechanics. I do not remember the title or the author, but has pictures of this kind, if someone could help me find it would be greatly appreciated. [Broken]...
  45. B

    Geometry Regarding to Spivak's Differential Geometry trilogy

    I would like to begin my first exploration of the arts of differential geometry/topology with the first volume of M. Spivak's five-volume set in the different geometry. Is a thorough understanding of vector calculus must before reading his book? I read neither of his Calculus nor Calculus on...
  46. B

    Analysis Readability of Rudin's Real and Complex Analysis

    So I decide to self-study the real analysis (measure theory, Banach space, etc.). Surprisingly, I found that Rudin-RCA is quite readable; it is less terse than his PMA. Although the required text for my introductory analysis course was PMA, I mostly studied from Hairer/Wanner's Analysis by Its...
  47. B

    Analysis Seeking books that cover my upcoming math course

    Hello! I am currently searching for some alternative books I can use for the analysis course starting on this Fall Semester. The course will cover the compactness, contraction principles, approximation theory, and some applications like special functions and Fourier series. The required...
  48. B

    Analysis Supplements to Complex Analysis of Rudin-RCA?

    Dear Physics Forum friends, I will be doing a reading course in the complex analysis starting on this Fall Semester. The assigned book is Rudin's Real and Complex Analysis. From my understanding, Rudin treats complex analysis very elegantly, but very terse. I am curious if you could suggest...
  49. B

    Analysis Leonard Euler's Books in Analysis and Algebra

    Dear Physics Forums friends, I am an aspiring mathematician who is deeply interested in the analysis, topology, and their applications to the microbiology. Recently, I started to become very curious about why concepts and theorems in the real analysis and topics come as they are; the...
  50. A

    Studying Supplementary book for intro signal processing class

    The required textbook for my intro signal processing class is "Signal Processing First" by James McClellan. So far I like the book quite a lot because the author does a good job to explain the concepts clearly. However I feel like the book doesn't provide enough practice problems. I just want to...