What is Self teach: Definition and 14 Discussions

Self-care is the individual practise of health management without the aid of a medical professional. In health care, self-care is any human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated, for the purpose of the maintenance of health and wellbeing. It can additionally be described as the "practice of activities that an individual initiates and performs on their own behalf in maintaining life, health, and well-being.” Self-care and health care providers can be considered to be opposing ends on a health-related continuum and possess a complex relationship. For example, there is an expectation for nurses to act as supporters and facilitators to improve a patient’s health in an ongoing manner, long after a medical event. In modern medicine, preventive medicine aligns most closely with self-care. A lack of adherence to medical advice or the onset of a mental disorder make the practise of self-care difficult. Self-care is seen as a partial solution to the global rise in health care costs that are placed on governments.
Self-care is considered to be a primary form of care for patients with self-managed chronic illness. Self-management education complements traditional patient education in primary care to increase the quality of life for patients with chronic conditions. Self-care is considered to be a continuous learning process.

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  1. P

    Good books for 13 year old to self teach physics?

    Hi, I am only 13, but am really interested in physics. My highest level of math knowledge is pre-algebra, but I'll be in algebra 1 once school starts. I am a fast learner and know I can learn the physics criteria if it is explained thoroughly. Please don't let my math knowledge make you think I...
  2. E

    Studying How would I self teach myself Calculus

    Hey everybody, I am currently trying to find the best way to teach myself Calculus. I would like to be proficient in the field and I would like to study physics later at college. Has anybody had experience teaching themselves calculus and if so how did you do it. Also I am open to any...
  3. E

    Is it possible to self-teach Calculus BC in 3 months?

    Hello I am self teaching myself AP Calculus BC and the exam is on May 5. I was wondering if there were any good online resources for me to use online and I have a textbook which is James Stewarts Calculus 5th Edition. Do you think this is possible to self teach myself Calculus BC in 3 months...
  4. L

    How to Plan My Self-Teaching of Higher Maths

    Earlier this year, I became bored and decided to begin learning math beyond my grade level. I soon discovered that I had greatly underestimated my abilities, and I could teach myself well into calculus (currently in grade 7). However, after losing my initial interest, I slowed down dramatically...
  5. Kac28891

    I want to self teach College Algebra but I don't know how?

    I was enrolled in College Algebra for this upcoming winter because the hours will overlap with the class that I enrolled for spring. The reason why I want to learn this, is to refresh my Algebra skills, since I forgot most of it (I only remember matrices, radicals and identities). The purpose...
  6. FuturePhysicist

    Teaching myself geometry, algebra 2, and calculus.

    Hey, I am a freshman in High School and I have a very superior IQ but I am in normal classes. This is due to ADHD and I used to be lazy in school. Anyways, algebra 1 is VERY boring. I want to teach myself geometry, algebra 2, Pre Cal, and Calculus because I love math. Also I feel like it will...
  7. B

    How can I self-teach physics with only an 8th grade math education?

    I am a high school student interested in physics and cosmology, but only have a math education that goes up to 8th grade (linear equations, just real simple stuff) I think I'm pretty goodarn at self teaching and want to get some books so I can work my way up to understandino physics.
  8. J

    Where to self teach Algebra 2?

    So I made another post to explain my position, and I need to learn Algebra 2B this summer (The B part or second half) In order to test out of it next school year and then take trig. So I was wondering if anyone knew a good source to self teach algebra 2B, maybe an online course, or a website...
  9. N

    I want to self teach physics

    Hi, I am grade 11 in high school I got my grade 11 math and physics credit and i thought i want to move on and study grade 12 and more (maybe even university level) I always loved math and last semester I tried physics for first time and it was awesome (except optics,, hahaha personal...
  10. C

    Self-Teaching Physical Chemistry for Grad School

    I'm a chemistry major and recently discovered that I would love to go to grad school for physical chemistry (specifically computational chemistry and biophysical chemistry). Unfortunately I'm in my third year of college and don't have many free classes left. I started teaching myself math...
  11. K

    What's the best way to self teach in order to do research?

    Cliffs: - ChE & Math double major, currently a junior. - Just got offered a project in ChE department that starts after Thanksgiving. - Project could turn into head start on Thesis, letting me get a masters only a year after my B.S. - Told to learn Sturm-Liouville => Separation of...
  12. S

    Possible to Self Teach Adanced Mathematics

    Let me explain. I have bachelors in pure math (as opposed to applied math) and a bachelors and masters in nuclear engineering. I am employed as a nuclear engineer and I am happy. Before completing my masters, I did one semester of graduate work in math (I might still be there had I not taken...
  13. K

    My teacher hasnt been in and Im trying to self teach this topic. Can

    My teacher hasnt been in and I am trying to self teach this topic. Can anyone help me with this question, its probably quite simple but I am really stuck :redface: :frown: A flat circular coil of mean diameter 3.0cm has 500 turns and is situated so that the plane of the coil is perpendicular...
  14. C

    Best book to self teach yourself physics

    hey, i really want to learn physics. however, I can't learn it in school yet. What are the best books for teaching yourself physics? p.s. I would eventually like to go into quantum, or another branch of theoetical physics. I'm not sure if this would influence the books I should start off...