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I want to study physics(bsc phy)

  1. May 7, 2013 #1
    I have completed my high school in India. I want to study physics(bsc phy). My parents want me to do engineering. But I want to question nature. Iam interested in mathematics too. When I was 11 years, I was introduced algebra. Most of my friends would just apply the formulae without knowing how it came. I read the proof of each and every formulae out of my own interest. I also have the inquistiveness to find my own proof or formula. I like solving problems in both math and physics. The problem in my state(India is divided in different states) is that it encourages rote learning. For example, the question paper reads"Define force, inertia",etc.. In this type of questions, you have to write as it is in the textbook. There is no free thinking here. Everyone wants to pass the exams with good scores. Problems in my Phy textbook are much more boring. You only have "pug and chug" problems where two quantities are given and you have to find the third one. You should memorise the working of ruby laser, geiger muller counter, etc,,etc. All the information has to be memorised. I truely hated this system. Instead of reading my school book, I read some foreign books like Resnick-Halliday which were more application oriented.

    Now, my problem.. Even if I take physics in local colleges,i have to face these dilemmas. Due to these problems, I got low scores in exams. Iam able to explain most of my friends, the concepts of physics. So, i want to know the education system in USA. I like to construct various working models, solve various problems(both numerical and practical) and increase my understading of nature. I would like to ask doubts in class. Would US Phy education suit me? Will there be free thinking or is there rote learning system as in my state? How are the exams conducted? Do these exams only test the memory or will they also test application and understading of concepts? Please help. Also suggest some good Universities in USA
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    U.S. education system would be better but more expensive. You can try out universities in other states. Not all universities are the same, and its difficult(or even impossible) to do physics through rote learning. You should not be dependent on the system to teach you things but try to learn things on your own independently. You may want to check out I.I.Sc.'s new four year B.S. program. Other schools also have such programs like BITS Pilani.
    U.S. education system has its own negative points as well like very little spare time to explore concepts and ideas on your own. U.S. grad school IMO gives too much focus on calculations and too little on concepts and ideas.
  4. May 10, 2013 #3
    My advice to you is to complete Bsc physics in india and crack JAM entrance. It's the best you can get in India.
  5. May 13, 2013 #4
    Hey sharan!
    Hi, i'm also from india and in the same position as you are in , i'm 17yo.
    I very well know about the rote learning system of the education boards, but you don't have to leave the country for that,
    why don't you try books for IIT JEE and BITSAT, these exams are not at all based on rote learning, you need a pure understanding of the concepts to solve the problems,if you are interested in problem solving then you must try books of indian authors like h.c.verma, d.c.pandey for physics,
    problems plus a das gupta mathematics, if you are not able to get a foreign university (because of financial problems,etc) then you may complete your undergraduate in top class institutes like IITs or BITS PILANI, Its depends on you whether you want to do pure sciences of engineering ,explain your parents what you are passionate about and they will surely understand, the fact is you need engineering as a back up option to earn
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