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I'd like to Pursue a Career related to chaos theory

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    I have a BS in math and to think of it Chaos theory was why I got into this field to begin with.

    Which educational/career path should i follow from now on?
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    The closest analog I've seen, at least at my school, would be work on PDEs and dynamical systems.
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    http://www.cam.cornell.edu/Graduate/Courses/#dynamical" [Broken]

    http://www.math.umd.edu/research/dynamics/" [Broken]

    http://www.math.psu.edu/dynsys/" [Broken]

    http://www.math.sunysb.edu/dynamics/" [Broken]

    I am an applied math major, so those are all math programs. I'm strongly considering going into dynamics as well. I have taken PDEs, ODEs, classical dynamics, and have signed up for my first official "dynamical systems" class next semester. This is a pretty common route.

    Many physicists study non-linear dynamics as well, for what it's worth. Both of my classical dynamics books contain entire chapters on chaos.

    Not enough info for ya? http://www.dynamicalsystems.org/ap/pg/" [Broken]
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    Thanks union68.
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