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Ideas for QM undergrad research project

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    Hi everyone!

    I am an undergraduate student interested in quantum physics. I want to do a project in quantum but do not know how to come up with a good idea to start with. I have read the book Zettili and most of the book Cohn-Tannoudji. so I think I am able to work on a good idea. Any idea would be very appreciated.

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    What kind of project should that be? Is it a research project? Is it experimental or theoretical? Quantum theory is a very broad field. It's hard to guess what you are supposed to do.
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    I think what I can do right now is just theory. and yes it is a research project or more precisely an undergraduate research project. Also I like to work on problems needed to be solved using the WKB method, variational method or other methods. so things like these I can work on. What do you offer to me? how to pick out a problem and how to start the work?
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    Electronic structure problems in computational chemistry and physics rely on variational methods quite heavily and are fairly approachable for an undergraduate with moderate quantum mechanics background.
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