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Ideas for something you wanted to do but can't do due to a disability

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    If you have ever been disabled, whether from a surgery or some disability, then you know that you are limited to certain things that you can do. I am wondering if there is anything that you wish you could do while you were/are disabled. This could be something that you wanted to do at work, in sports and even leisure activities. Thanks!
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    Is this for your project? This is not me but I find that some people like to sing but they are usually out of tune. They really badly want to sing well, but some of them say that they are tone deaf (does it count as a disability?). Just something I thought of out of the blue.
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    How about a sufferer of arthritis/single-handedness struggling to open a jam jar?
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    I'm partially colour blind which means I cannot fly fighter or commercial aircraft. I don't think I can be an electrician either - the training for which would have been useful given my job (Sound Engineer).
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    This is for one of my engineering classes. To come up with a design for a certain disability. I was thinking more of a disablility along the lines of something that impairs your movement. But thanks for the idea!
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    my dad had a staff infection that ate out the cartilage in his right hip. he is going to limp the rest of his life untill he gets surgery. but he is putting off surgery till he gets really old because it is dangerous and it will most likely disable him from doing any sports at all

    right now he is limited. he cant do anything involving running because it will cause his bones to clash togeather painfully. he can only do things like bike riding and skiing.
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    Opening doors. Borrow a wheelchair and tie your right arm down so that you can only use the left. Now try to go through an ordinary door.
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