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If Anybody Can Offer Me Some Help?

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    Christmas is coming,I want to buy a MP3 player for my younger brother,he is 10 years old.In this way,funny is more important than the quality.Could you provide me with some useful advice?By the way,I am only a student,so I hope that it won’t cost me too much.On-line shopping is OK. Thanks!
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    I hope he is not into current fads, he might not settle for anything but things like iPod nano or itouch that cost like +100$ or so.

    Else, there are many online stores that sell cheap mp3 players at discount (I don't buy so I can't think of any right now). There are also sales near Christmas.
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    Wow someone registers at a physics forum just to ask what mp3 player to buy.
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    You're off-topic, Evo. :grumpy:
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    What exactly are you asking? You don't actually say what you want advice with.


    funny = money?

    That would mean your post makes more sense.
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    He's ten years old. MP3 is a bad gift. Buy him books he'll thank you for it when it gets to college.
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    Dane I've sent you a PM please check it when you get the chance.
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    Yes you did. In which you accused me of hypocrisy. I cannot fathom what you read into my post, but I would point out that abusive behavior in PMs are not immune from infractions any more than in fora. So explain yourself.
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    Try argos they have cheap mp3s that hold a lot of music my sister has a zen one that thats very good it also has a radio.
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