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If CERN's claim is true, how would SR and GR change?

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    Neutrinos are thought to be particles with mass. So they aren't even supposed to be traveling at the speed of light to begin with, let alone travel faster. They would have to have some type of imaginary mass in order to do so. So what do you guys think will have to be modified in SR and GR if this discovery is confirmed. This is what I came up with already.

    1) We have to redefine the even horizon of a black hole to be a point of which the speed of light cannot escape, instead of a point of no return for anything.

    2) Wouldn't we have to through out Lorentz transformations? in SR because they tell us that it takes an infinite amount of energy for any particle with mass to travel at light speed, and imaginary mass to travel faster.

    E = MC^2 / (√1 - V^2/C^2)

    If V equal to, or larger than c. Things don't really work out and this equation breaks down.

    3) We can now violate causality.

    4) What about the equations for adding and subtracting relativistic speeds? Since things can now travel faster than c, would those still be valid because they were created theoretically?

    Feel free to add whatever
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    We should not start a bunch of new posts on a topic that is already being discussed, and we should certainly not pile speculation on top of speculation.
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