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If everybody seems to know how to use wireless free electricity

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    why does nobody do it on a large scale? There's countless videos on the net of people making 'tesla' machines out of simple components and doing things like, I don't know, charging their phone - without any cell.

    I would think it was codswallap if not for the fact that all the videos seem to have positive feedback, almost exclusively.

    Now clearly tesla knew how to get this energy, if he did indeed say he did; however if people actually know how to harness energy from the air, or electrostatic, or even wireless energy, then why don't they?

    I am probably just too guillable. But seriously, if Telsa said this **** can happen, I believe him.
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    Why not on large scale?

    I mean really.

    Lets look over the facts.

    If "big guys" decided to invest into this technology, do you realise what the result would be?

    "Hey, we can make energy travel by air, all you have to do is knock all of your power-plants transmission lines(bilions if not trillions worth), and invest billions of dollars into making new ones, that are required for via-air energy transport.

    While you are at it, we top scientist of the world will need, again, billions of dollars to fully develop this technology."

    Big guys: No, thank you, but we appreciate the offer.
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    It's not feasible with high efficiency. That's why it's not done. There's no conspiracy or ulterior motives.
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    What I said is not a conspiracy. Its what "big guys" said to Tesla, when he proposed his idea.
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    "Where do we put the meter?"
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    You seem to have some confusion between creating energy and delivering energy. You can't pull energy out of thin air. Tesla never showed that, nor has anyone else. Wireless energy transmission has been shown for years on small scales. In fact, that's what radios and any wireless telecommunication system does.

    The BIG problem is this. Do you have any idea what kind of safety issues you'd have delivering power to a home let alone a city? You would have to deliver it in some sort of focused beam and if anything got in the way of it, it would be destroyed instantly.

    A nuclear power plant creates gigawatts of power. Why have an unimaginably dangerous beam of power shooting between cities when you can just get some cheap ol aluminum and send it at near 90% efficiency?

    People use magnetic induction to charge small devices wirelessly. Cell phones require extremely small amounts of power to be charged relative to most other things in life. To use magnetic induction to power, say, a toaster, it would require a strong enough magnetic field that would be impossible to live around.
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    I also think the OP is confusing what Tesla worshipping fools say about Tesla and what Tesla actually did. Of course Tesla liked to promote himself and quite likely stretched the truth.
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    jim hardy

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    my understanding is Tesla thought he could resonate the atmosphere and thereby extract energy from it.
    i dont know what he had in mind as the origin of that energy

    personally i think he was obsessed with resonance and off on a tangent,
    but i'd be happy to eat those words if somebody shows me a plausible non-perpetual-motion explanation .
    Resonance at first looks like amplification but it's not, instead it's energy storage.

    There had to be some reason Westinghouse fired him. They'd have loved free energy, can you imagine power plants with no fuel bill? All the utilities would buy them....

    Tesla was not the only genius contributing to electrical machinery development. GE had Steinmetz, who is not much heralded today probably because of his socialist leanings.
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    To somewhat reiterate what has already been posted, there are (at least) three reasons to not adopt large scale wireless power transmission.

    • low efficiency
    • difficult to meter
    • dangerous / possible interference with biological entities and electronic equipment

    I think he had in mind a global system of antennas connected to power stations.

    Supposedly the Earth-ionosphere system forms a resonant cavity. It is possible this would allow for transmission to anywhere on the Earth at better efficiency than might be guessed based on 1/R2 proportionality. However, it seems to me that the efficiency would still be significantly worse than wired transmission. The system also could be dangerous.

    So it's really not a great idea. One reason Tesla could have been attracted to it was because he wanted to have electric flying machines that would not have to carry their own power sources.
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    jim hardy

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    ""dangerous / possible interference with biological entities ""

    now there's an understatement.... everybody knows you don't put the cat in the microwave.
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    Ok, I understand what you're all saying and it's definitely useful stuff...

    But wasn't the idea of a Tesla generator to gather energy from the elctro magnetic spectrum, no to transmit it to others? I'm talking about generators that require no fuel. Like how Tesla used to power his car through an antenna running into radio tubes, by which he would tune to the certain frequencies and gather the energy from that. His car actually didn't have an engine - it's documented.

    I'm probably catching the end of the stick...
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    Sounds like the sort of nonsense from a book written for and by Tesla worshipping fools. Or a web-site for and by Tesla worshipping fools.
    Jim Hardy: I couldn't have said it better myself about Tesla having a hard-on for resonance. I sometimes think the polyphase system we have is something that was stumbled on while Tesla was searching for something that doesn't exist. Granted it works well for us but I certainly don't think Tesla can be fairly credited the way that he is. Many many other people contributed that didn't have the big mouth that Tesla did.
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    Why not? Imagine stick your head right inside the freakn microwave and left it turn on all day.

    Funny thing the same jackasses that are hot about this fancy idea are more likely to be the same bunch that would sue nok1a, m0t0r0la for brain tumors.
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    jim hardy

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    Thanks S'Nova

    Being absolutely brilliant early on is no guarantee against being dead wrong later on.

    Mark Twain complained of what he called "Excess of Imagination" but was able to channel it into his writing. But only after several financial disasters.

    I suspect Tesla was a similarly tormented soul . I'd say to him RIP old timer and thank you for your service, you did some great things.

    old jim
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    Pretty much everything tesla did was called impossible before he did it
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    Hey, I want to use a Tesla... err.. thingie to get free energy from the atmosphere! I'm in! Who's with me? Where do I send my payment for a free, eternal energy source?
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