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Is it true that, if power were applied to a one meter cube of quartz crystal and the crystal were driven to the breaking point, the gravity waves produced would definetly, 100%, be orders of magnitude too weak to be detected?

Apparently Albert Einstein calculated that


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Yes, we can be sure that quartz crystals do not radiate much in the way of gravitational waves.

For instance, check out MTW's Gravitaiton, pg 978. Converting the formulas in the text into standard units, the power radiated in gravitational waves will be approximately

P_gw = P_int^2 / (3.63*10^52 ergs/sec)

where P_int is the "internal power", which is the kinetic energy stored in the vibration of the quartz crystal.

Because 3.63*10^52 ergs/sec is 200,000 solar masses * c^2 worth of energy per second, we can safely say that the amount of gravitational waves radiated from a quartz crystal is very small.

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