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If tachyons existes, does they obey the transfomation relations

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    if tachyons existes, does they obey the transfomation relations similary to the relations of special relativity?
    that we see in discussitions about tachyons , usually relations are same by a difference in compelexility of mass and charge .
    but the velocity in denominator is same, here the velocity is big than light and no other limits be suposed. now if the velocity go to infinity the relations break downs because of infinity.

    I think that the velocity must be cyclic. that means that tachyons infinity velocity is equivalence to our zero velocity bye invertion in time.

    what do you think?

    excuse me because of my weak english language.

    i wait for yours answers.
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    If I understand your question correctly, you are correct. Tachyons actually need additional energy to decelerate. For the same reason Special Relativity doesn't allow us to accelerate particles to C, a tachyons cannot decelerate to C.
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