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B If the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate...

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    If the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, either through a "pushing" or "pulling" force in a direction, and we have come from a "big bang point", then I wonder if we could calculate all our vectors at any one moment and time to find the universal acceleration point and direction. If we could calculate at any point or relative motion from the big bang point of origin in the galaxy, our solar system's vector in the galaxy, our planet's vector in the solar system, and our personal vector on the planet... could we directly observe, and even draw from, that force that is accelerating the expansion?
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    This is already incorrect. According to Big Bang Theory, the universe did not begin at one single point. It began everywhere, and it began simultaneously. There is no "center" to the universe.
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    I recommend the link in my signature. Based on this post and your other thread, it's clear that you have a VERY large set of misconceptions about cosmology and would benefit greatly from just reading some of the basics.
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    We have had more threads on this than I can count. Comeback City and Phinds are correct. I suggest that you take Phinds' suggestion, also you can read some of the many threads about this here at the forum. Thread closed.
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