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Homework Help: I'm lost on this one, i think its a torque question.

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    Hello, i'm working on an assignment for class and im lost on this question.
    A 5.0m ladder is with a mass of 10.0kg is leaning against a smooth wall at an angle of 25 degrees. The coefficient of friction between the ladder and the ground is .30. How far can a 65kg woman climb up the ladder before the ladder starts to slip?

    obviously the angles come into play here, but i'm not sure in what way. Since the force of friction opposes motion, and the bottom of the ladder will move across the ground in a positive direction, the force of friction moves in a negative direction across the ground. Im not sure if the force of friction is just 0.30 x mg or if its 0.30 x mg cos 25 , also, im not sure how to setup a torque equation, to solve this problem. Some hits would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Doc Al

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    Start by identifying all the forces acting on the ladder. Draw yourself a diagram!
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    thanks got it....
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