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Homework Help: Im not sure if this is right so I'm making sure.

  1. Oct 9, 2016 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Revised by mentor:
    Solve for x
    $$\frac{\frac 1 2}{\frac 3 4 } = \frac{\frac 5 6 }{\frac x 8 } $$

    Note to OP: This is $$\frac{\frac 1 2}{\frac 3 4 } = \frac{\frac 5 6 }{\frac x 8 } $$

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I don't know how to post my workings but here's the answer I got
    X= $$\frac{BCD}{E}$$
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  3. Oct 9, 2016 #2


    Staff: Mentor

    This isn't an equation, so you can't "solve for x".
    Are you given some information about what the expression above is equal to? If so, that's an equation, so you can solve for x or one of the other variables.
    In your original expression there are only the variables x, b, and c. Where did D and E come from?
  4. Oct 9, 2016 #3
    Oh. I'm sorry you see too put what I have on paper onto this site is a pain so and remember that LaTeX code that mixed me up and forgot to put the entire 'question' up I'll upload a picture instead

    The only instructions given to me from my teacher was find x. So I was tellin you I'm solving for x but you didn't understand

    By the way what we are trying to find is 32

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    To simplify both sides of this equation ##\frac {\frac A B }{\frac C D} = \frac {\frac E F}{\frac G H}##,
    multiply both sides by ##\frac C D \cdot \frac G H##. That will "cancel" the fractions in the denominators, simplifying the equation above to ##\frac A B \cdot \frac G H = \frac E F \cdot \frac C D##. At this stage you can get rid of common factors ("cancel") on each side of the equation.
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    Here is a snippet of that image you attached.
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