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Image reduction and analysis software for windows

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    I'm not sure if this question belongs here, if that is the case I'm sorry.

    I've been desperately trying to install IRAF on windows. Nothing seems to work. I've considered installing a Linux distro but since i'm using windows 8 that is not an option. So my question is: has anyone been able to install IRAF in windows? If so, how? If not, does someone of you astronomers use an equivalent software that works on windows?
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    Linux is the best option for running IRAF on a pc. No native version of Windows will run IRAF. I would suggest a dual OS setup.
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    Now that what I was trying to avoid since online the opinion is that windows 8 doesn't like other OS. Well, Thank you for your answer.
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    I agree with Chronos. If you're doing science, get off of Windows and on to Linux ASAP. You can set up a dual-boot on your PC even if it's Windows 8. The two OS's are on different disk partitions and don't even know that the other one exists. Or if you're worried about that, buy a portable hard drive and install the Linux distro on that.
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    My recent experience on linux has been quite daunting...bumblebee, firefox crashing, and IRAF...IRAF is a real pain to install. But i followed your advice and set a dual boot. Thank you for your answers.
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    I keep my OS's on separate drives. If you boot off a different drive for each OS, it seems to keep them clean.
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    Please read the IRAF home page, in the "What wndow systems does IRAF run under", it explains how an old version IRAF can be used on Windows XP
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