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"Immortal" jellyfish habitat range, Turritopsis dohrnii?

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    What is the current habitat range of Turritopsis dohrnii or the "immortal" jellyfish? I know that there are multiple species of the Turritopsis genus and that the species dohrnii have recently increased its range by ballast water spread. What is the current range of the exact species dohrnii?
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    jim mcnamara

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    I do not know. Google scholar does not have much. BTW:
    How/where did find this? When you cite something it helps us to help you if you can give a reasonable citation. A lot of Cnidaria species in the "larval/planula" or some free-swimming medusa stages may get moved around this way.

    I remember teaching the so-called reverse life cycle of Turritopsis: a medusa reverts to polyp stage. This gave rise to the immortal moniker.
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    I found the information at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turritopsis_dohrnii#Distribution_and_range
    I want to know by how much they have spread, where.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Dr Maria Pia Miglietta -> (Penn State) Huck Institute is the author of a talk on the subject. There are no papers I found. And the species is T. nutricola not
    T. durnii.

    She is at TAMU now: http://www.tamug.edu/miglietta/
    Her email is on the profile page. If you contact her, please explain clearly what you want, and how you found her. And if at all possible she will give you some help. There may be no current data.

    Is this idle curiosity or are you doing some original research or a thesis paper? If research let her know your affiliation, too.
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