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Implications of Movement Greater than Speed of Light?

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    I'm doing some research trying to find behavior of particles at speeds faster than light. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are any papers on this, as I can't seem to find any except for papers on superluminal movement rather than what happens when particles actually travel faster than the speed of light.
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    Have you heard about tachyons? They're highly speculative, but some legitimate research papers have been written about them. The Wikipedia article has references.

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    What is the difference between "superluminal movement" and "travel faster than the speed of light?" To me these sound like the same thing.
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    Thanks, I will look into this.

    I stumbled upon those a little while ago, but some kind of wording seemed to suggest that they have been disproven. I will look more into them though. Thanks!

    I just checked and they are indeed the same thing. I was thinking of superluminal movement as movement that appears to be faster than the speed of light in the reference frame of an observer but is never actually moving faster than the speed of light at any point in space. My apologies.
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    If you're talking about excitations of fields with imaginary mass,I remember reading somewhere that any localized excitations of such fields moves slower than light and any excitations which moves faster than light can't be localized
    I don't remember where it was but I guess you can find it if you search and I should tell that it contained some kind of a proof
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    The effect of time dilation means that for a still observer the faster you go the more in slow motion you appear to him. At the speed of light you appear completely frozen. Past the speed of light ...you know what happens by now.
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