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In absence of air, Hydrogen reaction

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    What is the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen say in a vacant tube in absence of air, does it give Water, or hydrogen peroxide? and the amount of hydrogen and oxygen is the same of water ratio 2:1

    In the Kanzius experiment, the hydrogen and oxygen are produced (together) and not ionized, so the hydrogen and oxygen are causing fire because of their reaction with air? and if they are the same ratio of water, why don't they give water back?

    and in the same experiment, if the hydrogen and oxygen are also produced, in a vacant tube, would they produce a spark?

    Thank you.​
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    H2 and O2 when burnt forms water.

    Peroxide needs a catalyst to form from O2 and H2, the catalyst is an Au-Pd mix suspended in Al2O3. Peroxide can also be formed using this method http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_peroxide.

    H2O2 will breakdown exothermically to make water and oxygen.

    Need to read up on Kanzius' experiment.
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