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In search of a Graphing Program for Excel data

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    Here is essentially what I need to do for a school essay:

    I have an excel sheet with 200 points (x corresponding to A1 column values, y corresponding to B1 column values). I need to find a way to transfer this to a graphing program in quadrant 1 (all x,y coordinates are >= 1 and less than or equal to 20.

    I need to be able to graph the circle with radius 20 (just the quadrant 1 selection of it) here as well.

    A good graping program to do this was brought up b the teacher --> KaleidaGraph. However, it cost $150.

    Is there anything free-graphing program that's able to do what I need? If not, what other programs out there, that cost money, are able to do this?

    Thank you.
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    Is there a reason you don't just use a (connected line) Scatter Plot in Excel? :smile:
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    Well, the professor mentioned that Excel's graphing program isn't the best option.

    I would like a program that is better suited to graphing scientific figures.
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    I ended up using Maple 18 to graph. Things went exceedingly well.

    I copied my two columns from excel into a matrix and used that to display my points, and another plot of a circle to display what was needed.
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    See also gnuplot.
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