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Indefinate integration problem

  1. Jul 29, 2009 #1
    Indefinate integration problem !!

    find the following indefinate integrals?
    a) ∫ x / 1 + x2
    b) ∫ 1 / 1 - x2
    c) ∫ 3x / (2x2 - 3)4

    can you help me please !!!
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    Re: Indefinate integration problem !!

    Can you help yourself please? :wink: We can't help you if you don't show us what you've tried.
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    Re: Indefinate integration problem !!

    You are posting your homework questions with absolutely no work included in many different forums to evade detection. This is not an advanced physics problem, and you posted parts d, e, and f in another sub-forum. Please stop asking Physics Forums to do your homework. Post your work and where you are stuck, and then we can provide hints or small snippets of the solutions. As I mentioned in my other post, please review u-substitution and partial fraction decomposition in your text.
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    Re: Indefinate integration problem !!

    Also, indefinate is spelled correctly as indefinite. :)
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    Re: Indefinate integration problem !!

    As others have said, show your work so that we can offer tutorial advice.
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