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Independent carriers immersed in an insulating fluid

  1. Jul 9, 2012 #1
    Can anybody elaborate on the insulating fluid, or point me to a good source which can?

    This is why I ask:

    First, we must remember that the Earth is rotating at about 1,666 km/h about its axis.

    Second, the Earth is orbiting the sun at about 107,000 km/h.

    The sun is moving through space at about 792,000 km/h.

    And, it is claimed that the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is hurling through space at about 2,000,000 km/h.

    But ultimately, nothing is stationary. So...

    "If a stationary point charge, whether it be a positive or a negative charge, exhibits an electric field, and a moving charge creates a magnetic field, then how can this be true if we are already moving through space at phenonemenal speeds?

    You see, even though point charges are stationary from our point of view, in reality they are moving through space at phenomenal speeds.

    So, if the 'supposedly' stationary point charge exhibits an electric field, then exactly what is the electric field given that the point charges are not stationary?"

    And, no, this is not me constructing or promoting my own theory. This is based on experiments performed and accepted by the community by Sir William Crookes. I'm looking for some intelligent follow ups to Crooke's ideas.
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    The magnetic field produced by a moving charge is a relativistic effect. It depends on the RELATIVE motion of the charge and the sensor.

    As long as the charge and the sensor are both sitting on the Earth, the forces exerted are the same as if they are not moving because they are not moving relative to each other.

    Therefore it is irrelevant that the Earth is moving. And all the other motions you mentioned (the solar system, the galaxy...) are irrelevant.
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    Right. Now, please bear with me. I have no money for a proper education, nor do I know a mentor who can explain these things to me. So, my terminology may be very rudimentary.

    What if Faraday and Crookes were correct in believing that their is another state of matter?
    What if this state of matter is denser than anything normally comprehensible?
    What if this state of matter, in relationship to us here on Earth, was more or less stationary.

    This would mean that the measurable particles are indeed constantly in motion, at least with respect to this denser matter.

    So I guess my next question for the group is: What implications does the black area have in Crooke's experiments?

    The following link contains the experiments I'm referring to.

  5. Jul 10, 2012 #4
    Did you visit this link?
    (I think it does not really matter if you have no "super education" provided your intention is to try to learn seriously)
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