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Indirect ways to estimate latent heat of fusion?

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    Often high temperature data are not available.
    I am missing the melting heat of many coumpounds.
    However, rather precise binary phase diagrams are available.
    (my examples deal with silicates, say CaO-SiO2 for example, http://www.npl.co.uk/mtdata/demo/dgox1.html)

    I would like to know if a phase diagram contains some useful information to evaluate this melting heat.
    Are there some thermodynamics fundamentals that may help?
    Are there other useful track, like empirical rules ... ?
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    Maybe you can try to find enough information to construct a Born-Haber Cycle?
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    yes, measures such as the clasius clayperon equation and other thermodynamic derivatives calculated from the assumption of chemical equilibrium, although this particular transition may require further measures, may not be exactly similar to first order transitions.
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