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Homework Help: Induced Current in a Circuit by a Moving Magnet

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    A 10-cm-wide, zero-resistance slide wire is pushed toward a 2.0 ohm resistor at a steady speed of 0.50 m/s. The magnetic field strength is 0.50 T. How much power does the pushing force, 6.25*10^-4 supply to the wire? What is the magnitude of the induced current?

    I got 3.13*10^-4 for the first part, which is probably correct because it's a simple formula. Just the pushing force times the velocity. However, I cannot figure out how to determine the second part of the question.


    While R is given, V is not because it's an induced current. I'm so confused. Help please?
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    Motional EMF produced across the slide wire is given by E = vBL and the induced current I = E/R = vBL/R
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