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B Induced EMF in an Open Loop

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    Let's say you have an open loop (like a section of a circle) in a changing magnetic field. I think there would be an induced EMF, but no current. What I can't figure out, though, is how to calculate the induced EMF. Using Faraday's law doesn't seem to help, as there's no enclosed area.
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    Suppose there is EMF (voltage difference) between the ends. What do you think will happen? Would current flow through the wire?
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    No, as there's no path for current to flow.
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    You would need to find the electric field (##\vec{E}##) due to changing magnetic field (by solving Maxwell's Equations), and then compute the voltage across the open loop ##C## by integrating the electric field along it ##V=-\int_C \vec{E}.\vec{\hat{l}} dl##
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    There is a capacitance due to the ends of the wire. Current will flow, due to Xc = 1/(omega*C)
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