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Homework Help: Inductively define language a, b, aa, bb, aaa, bbb, ...

  1. Sep 24, 2015 #1
    [Thread moved by mentor]

    Hi there.

    As the title says, I want to inductively define the language consisting of the strings {a, b, aa, bb, aaa, bbb} and so on. I have come up with the following:
    Is this a correct method of inductively definining such a language, and am I defining the language that I set out to do?
    If it is, could I also accomplish the same with just the empty string as my base set?
    An example of that would be:
    In this case I think Λ would act as both the x and y, which would turn into Λa, Λb or just a, b in the next step. But is this a correct way of doing it?

    Edit: I should have read the rules before posting. Could a moderator move this to the homework forum?
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    The set you have defined would include ba and ab, so is larger than your target set. You need to make the second part of your criterion ensure that an a can only be added to a string of 'a's, and likewise for 'b's.

    It will help to have a notation to refer to a string of repeated letters. Why not use ##x^n## (or x^n if you don't know latex) to denote the letter denoted by x, repeated n times?
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