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Industrial applications of IR communication

  1. Feb 9, 2017 #1
    I need some industrial applications where IR is used for communication. Also I need to know whether can I use it to transmit my measured data of torque and temperature (measured using RTD and strain gauge) from a Rotating shaft running at 7500 rpm through IR communication ?
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    Hi9 NN,

    You must have googled around a bit already, so I wonder why you pose such an unspecific question ?
    IR for remote control is the dominating example, domestic or industrial.
    On your shaft (I assume it's a hefty one, so you don't worry about introducing extra mechanical vibrations ?) a problem will be to keep your circuits from breaking due to vibrational forces on top of the required centripetal force. Then there's the issue of picking up a decent signal from a rotating transmitter, multiplexing, etc.
    Not clear to me if you need high speed (torque in small steps during a single revolution) or whether average values aaare good enough.
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