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Infinite Series: Find Function

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    Hello all!
    I have the following infinite series:


    How would I find a function, f(x), of this series?

    I know the series converges for [tex]\vert x \vert > 1[/tex]

    I think the function is: [tex]f(x) = \frac{10}{x-1}[/tex]

    but I'm not sure how to get it.

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    why the x-1 in the denominator?
    maybe this

    [tex]f_{n}(x) = \frac{10}{x^n}[/tex]



    will be what you started with, but I may be worng and/or missing something though.
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    Physics Monkey

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    Hint: factor out a 10/x and see if the remaining series looks familiar to you.
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    Ugggh! I'm so blind sometimes...must be all the turkey I ate yesterday. I see the geometric series.

    Thanks, PM.

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