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Informal acceptance, but no word since

  1. Apr 20, 2014 #1
    Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I applied to an REU (late, I know, but they were still accepting applications). I sent in the online application, but never received an email of confirmation of receipt, so I contacted the PI to ask him if they got it. This was on friday of last week. On Sunday he got back to me saying that yes, all the materials had been received, and added on that they had a project available that I might like, and that he would ask the committee the next day about the status of open positions. I told him I would be willing to accept the position if it was available.

    It sounded to me like he was pretty much ready to accept me, but I haven't gotten any word since. Should I just wait for them to get back to me, or should I pester him a little? I'm really not certain what to make of this situation.
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    Being pro-active and contacting them is always a good idea. Giving them 3-4 days extra time to react is OK, but when nothing happens, call and ask what the status is.
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