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Inserting a Figure into a Latex Document

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    I want to ask how to include 2 figures at the same page in a Latex document, because when I insert .eps figures from MATLAB, each occpies one page.

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    You can try using not only [h] (here), but also the override [!] construct. Check a little bit more on includegraphics documentation.

    I will agree though, sometimes getting figures exactly where you want them can be a pain.
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    I didn't understand, what is the construct? and How to use it? Cab you show me a sample, please?

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    To insert a figure, you can do something like:
    Code (Text):

        \caption{here is a caption}
    Everything here should be pretty straightforward. The positioning specifiers tell Latex how you want the picture positioned. However, it has internal controls, and usually ignores what you want because it thinks its better than you. Anyways, the controls are:
    [h]---Place the float here, i.e., at the same point it occurs in the source text.
    [t]---Position at the top of the page.
    ---Position at the bottom of the page.
    [p]---Put on a special page for floats only.
    [!]---Override internal parameters Latex uses for determining `good' float positions

    So, if you really want a picture at a certain point in the text, you can try
    Code (Text):

    But with latex, who knows
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    Ok, I tried to use these things, but it places the figures in positions I don't want as you said. Anyway, I used the scale attribute in the figure enviroment which does what I want exactly.

    Thank you.

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