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Inside the Football Factory - Education, Sports and Kids

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    Watching this video swirled a lot of thoughts and emotions in my mind. After the UNC scandal, it all makes more sense. In my mind we are completely selling these kids out. The video brags about the colleges some kids get recruited for, yet it doesn't talk about how many get drafted. So the kids get to play college ball and then have no real academic skills. I am so disappointed right now. Not for one second do I believe their weak propaganda that they care about the academics.

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    I feel the same way. Locally many of The University of Arizona athletes are enrolled in a program especially designed for them. It is called Family Studies. Their degree if the do get it will be in , of course, Family Studies.
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    The odds of these kids getting into a real academic environment elsewhere is about zero. Growing up with real father figures and discipline is a lesson of how to live a decent life that's much more valuable to them at that stage.
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    How can these things not be done in a regular academics first high school setting? In my eyes these school founders are just using these kids so they can have a nice football team. But not even that is working as they finished 3-9 last year.
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    IMO if most of these 'students' could succeed in that type of setting the odds are they would already be there. Sure the founders might have their own self centered reasons other than just helping the kids off the street but so what. At least the kids seem to be treated with respect and understanding in an adult manner. What's lacking in most of these kids lives is something more basic than academics so if even a bad sports program helps them order their lives so they can really handle academics latter in life to me that's a good thing.
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