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Spy Kids is an American spy adventure comedy family film series created by Robert Rodriguez. The main series follows the adventures of Carmen and Juni Cortez, two children who become involved in their parents' espionage. The rest of their family are spies as well, including their maternal grandparents, and estranged uncle Machete. The films tend to have a strong Latino theme, as Rodriguez is of Mexican descent.

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  1. M

    What are some fun permanent magnet experiments for kids?

    Howdy. My kids and I like to experiment with things, we're looking to play around with some permanent magnet experiments and when I googled a question it brought me here, so I figured, heck, might be able to get my questions answered as well :)
  2. T

    I Number System by Inuit School Kids now in Unicode

  3. hugo_faurand

    Looking for advice on motors for a small windmill (for kids)

    Hello everyone ! I speak about energy to a fifth grade class. I want to build small windmills made of paper cup for the blades. The goal is to light a LED when the windmill is running. I was looking for a small motor to do the alternator. I found this one and I wanted to know if it could fit...
  4. Shreya

    Kids on a merry-go-round & Relative Motion

    (Please refer the image below. ) The velocity of Nick ##v_N=\omega r## and the velocity of John ##v_S=\omega R## is depicted. The relative velocity of Nick with respect to John will be ##v_{NJ} = \omega (R-r)##. The velocity is along the tangent to the circle centred at B. If Nick were to move...
  5. L

    A fun, engaging and visual way of showing laminar flow for young kids

    I have been tasked by my fluid dynamics professor to create a 3 minute video showing and explaining laminar flow vs turbulant flow. It must be engaging and explain the concepts simply enough with no math. I will be re-writting this definition below to suite the needs ""Laminar flow occurs...
  6. Demystifier

    I Exploring the Meaning of Ontology: Easy for Kids, Hard for Quantum Physicists

    Ontology is the easiest and the hardest concept in the field of quantum foundations. It is the easiest because even a child can understand it. When a child asks: "What is the world made of?", she asks about ontology. When you answer: "It's made of atoms" and when she asks "What does the atom...
  7. ShayanJ

    Exploring the Reality of Kids with Violent Temptations

    Summary:: Curious whether this story about this kid could be real, and if yes, is there any explanations? I just came across this reddit thread. I know, it could be fake. But I've seen a similar story before about a little girl who openly talked about wanting to kill her adoptive parents and...
  8. Whipley Snidelash

    Exploring the Impact of Kids on Hollywood: Perspectives from Different Ages

    Why does Hollywood think that kids want to watch kids on television or movies? I preferred watching my TV heroes, Flash Gordon (Steve Holland), Superman (truth, justice and the American way, lol it used to actually be true back then) and Tarzan. And I certainly don’t enjoy watching children most...
  9. K

    Medical Epidermolysys Bullosa and putting kids in vats

    This is Marky's story, a typical case of EB: You don't have to watch it. EB is a class of genetic diseases where certain proteins that bind the skin together are not produced anymore, as their mutated genes encode for faulty proteins. Information of the internet is scarce, but it is clear...
  10. robins thomas

    What are the benefits of STEM Learning Education for kids?

    What is benefits of STEM Learning Education for kids?
  11. Luis Babboni

    B Ideas for Teaching Relativity to High School Kids

    Hi! I´m studying to be physics teacher for high school and being in the relativity course, next week we will have the opportunity to show to high school kids something about what relativity is about. Any idea about what to show to them in 10 minutes? Thanks!
  12. C

    Explore and Discover Microscopy for Kids with STEM Ambassador

    Hi. I'm a retired several-sciences guy, a STEM Ambassador encouraging kids to look at science, hopefully fostering interest. I'm also interested in microscopy. I/we are looking for ideas for small items which demonstrate interesting/educational things, for kids to look at through microscopes...
  13. jack action

    How Can We Encourage Scientific Thinking in Children?

    I wish more people would understand this concept: When I see an adult shutting down a curious mind, I'm always disappointed.
  14. A

    Is it generally safe for kids to handle silicon wafers?

    I volunteer in an 8th grade classroom and I wanted to bring in some silicon wafers for the students to examine for a "show and tell" session, in order to get them interested in technology. Are there any dangers to the students if they are allowed to handle a wafer? I don't really care if the...
  15. jim mcnamara

    Medical Kids who eat more fish sleep better, smarter(?)

    https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-17520-w The longitudinal study, based on previous DHA and EPA research (fatty acids associated with cell membranes, especially in the brain) found that children who consumed more fish had statistically fewer sleep disorders, and were statistically...
  16. Spinnor

    I Line element from Kaluza-Klein for Kids

    In http://vixra.org/abs/1406.0172, the five-dimensional Kaluza-Klein line element d˜s^2 is given by, Does this look correct? Thanks!
  17. W

    Do not try this at home kids......

    Found this interesting video - thought there would be interest here... VIDEO LINK
  18. S

    Science-based birthday gifts for kids

    Hi everyone. I have two young nephews (one turning 6 in September, and another turning 4 in August), and I've been thinking of what gifts to get for them for their birthdays -- especially something that could perhaps spark in them an interest in science or at least get them to be curious about...
  19. P

    B Divide Chocolates: Division & Fraction Homework for Kids

    I am following up my 8 years old daughter's homework, and want to show her how division and multiplication work together , such as in division by a fraction : am I right if I say " we divide chocolates by boxes and 6 chocolates divided by half a box means 6 x 2 half boxes = 12 in one box ? " or...
  20. Psinter

    Folktales for Kids: Share Your Stories!

    I don't know how is it in other countries, but at mine we have stories that are widely known and repeatedly told by parents and adults to children. The folktales I know are probably known all around the world and I was wondering if you guys here at PF could probably share with me some folktales...
  21. T

    E=MC^2 - easy explanation for kids

    Been lurking on these threads looking for easy explanations of E=mc2 as it relates to nuclear fission weapons. Shame, SHAME, to yall advanced physicists who dismiss and disrespect and flame amateurs on other threads asking for easy examples for kids. I'm a humanities teacher teaching...
  22. B

    News Working Class Kids Study Too Hard & Can't Get Elite Jobs

  23. F

    The Top Ten Concepts I need to teach my kids?

    Hi What are the key concepts of Maths and Physics that every parent should ensure their kids know? Major focus of this I am concentrating on is one a strong basis for them to be informed and backed with key knowledge to allow them to be curious and explore and learn.
  24. J

    My Kids ask - Does wind help reduce power consumption

    My kids have some question to ask so bear in mind that they are in grade school. Hi, We have been talking and learning about motion and studying examples to understand concepts. One discussion was about what happens when you take a fan and blow it into another fan. The first fan would cause...
  25. Ibrahim Hany

    Ideas for Camp activities/workshops

    I am not sure if this should be here or in Astronomy forum! I am participating for my second time in an astronomy camp for children from 8 to 16 years as a teacher. Last year I designed and prepared three workshops; one on Stargazing, one on telescopes, one on rockets. The only fault that I...
  26. davenn

    The innocent questions of kids ......

    Larry's class were on a field trip to their local police station where they saw pictures tacked to a bulletin board of the 10 most wanted criminals. One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person. 'Yes,' said the policeman. 'The detectives...
  27. J

    Teaching Physics to Home-Educated Students: Tips and Strategies

    Hello Physics People on the Forum, We are home educating and writers both- mother and daughter. Always getting asked questions I'd love to know more of the answer to, in fact knowing any of it would be a start. Look forward to talking. Jessie and Mary
  28. Ibrahim Hany

    Stargazing Problem in making a small refracting Telescope

    It sounds silly to ask such question or stumble in such problem, indeed! But I was willing to make some small telescopes for young friends of mine, to encourage them to delve in the skies. So, I bought: 1. Double concave, spherical glass lens, with a focal length of approx. -75mm and diameter...
  29. Evo

    Indian parents scale new heights to help kids cheat

    Unbelievable cheating in Indian schools. http://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/03/20/pkg-walker-india-student-cheating-scandal.cnn
  30. F

    What has this single dad been up to for the past 35 years?

    Studied physics 35 years ago , been running Hang Gliding school ever since Major nerd with interest in anything and everything Single dad for past 15 years Love skiing and beer!?
  31. Greg Bernhardt

    Inside the Football Factory - Education, Sports and Kids

    Watching this video swirled a lot of thoughts and emotions in my mind. After the UNC scandal, it all makes more sense. In my mind we are completely selling these kids out. The video brags about the colleges some kids get recruited for, yet it doesn't talk about how many get drafted. So the kids...
  32. jtbell

    How to keep kids from eating laundry detergent?

    The problem is, those handy little detergent pods look too much like Halloween candy, so kids try to eat them. Laundry detergent pods are 'real risk' to children (CNN) They should make those pods look like Brussels sprouts, instead.
  33. C

    Advice about dating and having kids

    How rare is it for 2 people to get along very well and make each other laugh. What if you were in a relationship with someone and they wanted kids but you didn't want to have kids. How should one bring it up and talk about it. Should it only be talked about when the relationship gets very...
  34. G

    Two kids sledding down frictionless hill- conservation of momentum/energy

    Homework Statement Gayle runs at a speed of 4.20m/s and dives on a sled, which is initially at rest on the top of a frictionless snow-covered hill. After she has descended a vertical distance of 4.77m, her brother, who is initially at rest, hops on her back and together they continue down the...
  35. J

    Electrolysis w/ My Kids - We are stumped

    Hello all! My son is getting ready to go into the 2nd grade here on Wednesday and although he takes breaks during the summer, I really try to keep his education rolling throughout the entire year. As such, I try to get him excited by doing experiments and other things to captivate him and get...
  36. evinda

    MHB Discover the Game Champion: 115 Kids Tournament

    Hello! (Wasntme) I am looking at this exercise: A board game can be played with $3,4,5 \text{ or } 6$ players. There is a winner at each round of the game. A group of $115$ children decides to organize a tournament of this game,for the emergence of the champion of the game,so that at each...
  37. M

    Can We Create Winged Kids Safely?

    I've read the Maximum Ride series(great series, by the way). In the series, these kids are taken from there mothers at birth, are taken to a laboratory, and are crossed with bird DNA to give them wings. Do you think it would be possible in real life to produce winged kids, without giving them...
  38. Greg Bernhardt

    Engaging Textbooks: Making Learning Interesting for Kids

    What a great teaching opportunity! Why aren't more textbooks gears towards kids actual interests. Most problems are so dry. Include batman or Spider-Man and kids may actually be interested!
  39. J

    For the vast majority of kids, college isn't worth it

    The people on this forum and elsewhere who will defend college as "worth it" fall into 2 categories. (1) Older people who got a degree 2 decades ago or more, and found it easy to get a job. They will usually say they majored in Mathematics, Physics, even something like Philosophy or Forestry...
  40. D

    Physics Summer classes for kids

    I am looking for any ideas to do for demos or fun physics demos to do with kids for a summer camp. I need ten lessons in total and I would like to involve the kids with activities as much as possible. kids are from about 6 to 14 and classes are 30 to 45 mins and i get two 1.5 hr demos. Some...
  41. julcab12

    Good pop-sci program for kids (10 and above)

    Hi Guys! Any recommendation/reviewed material of somewhat good and less deceiving pop-sci programs. Thanks and appreciated. :blushing:
  42. QuarkCharmer

    News The Woman's Option to Raise Kids (WORK) Act: Discussion

    Anyone heard about this yet? Work Act: I'm curious what peoples thoughts on this are.
  43. K

    Introducing African American Scientists to kids in Middle School- High School

    1. Dr. Meredith Gourdine for Physics- Physicist who is best known for finding a successful method to use the principles of EGD to directly convert gas to electricity. 2. Percy Julian for Biology- He created derivative drugs to treat glaucoma and arthritis. 3. Lloyd A. Hall for Chemistry-...
  44. O

    High school kids building nuclear reactors?

    So occasionally I see something in the news about some teenage who built a nuclear reactor in his basement. And just the other day, my girlfriend told me that one of her clients mentioned that her boyfriend is a Physics major at my university, and has a nuclear reactor in his garage that he...
  45. zoobyshoe

    Medical Kids with Kidney Stones: A Growing Concern?

    A friend of mine just got told by a doctor he might have kidney stones. I was a bit shocked since he's 24. Googling, I found this: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/28/health/28kidn.html
  46. M

    How many of you will go trick-or-treating with your kids?

    Just curious to see how many of you will do the whole trick-or-treating thing with your kids. Also, (though this may be a better question for the Statistics forum) does anyone know how many families in the state of California go trick-or-treating?
  47. Ivan Seeking

    Inspiring kids to learn physics

    I think I made a post about this in random thoughts but thought it might make a good thread. About a month ago we had my sister and her family visiting. At that time I presented a challenge to the kids - ages ~ 10, 12, and 13 - that they seem to have taken to heart. I gave them my first book...
  48. C

    Adding Voltage to Kids Powerwheels: Is it Safe?

    Hi Guys, I thought I'd ask the experts. I have a kids Powerwheels toy that I would like to add more voltage to. The vehicle is setup with 24v stock and I would like to add another 6v bringing it up to 30v. I not really sure the motherboard can take the additional voltage. Would it be safe...