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CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. S

    Install pkg from Github to Python 'venv' under VSCode or Pycharm

    I would like to install the Python package kiwiclient.py from this github repo : https://github.com/jks-prv/kiwiclient into a venv using an IDE like PyCharm or VSCode. Is there a way to do this directly without cloning the repo locally? If not, what are the steps to clone and install into a...
  2. Y

    I cannot install Photoshop 6.0 onto my new laptop with Win11

    Any idea how to install Photoshop 6.0 onto my new laptop with Windows 11? I know it's a very old software that I BOUGHT LEGITIMATELY IN THE 90S. I have no problem installing it onto even the Windows 10 computers that was only 2yrs old. I read that people do install in Windows 11, just not...
  3. Brief-Wishbone

    Unable to install orangescrum in centos 7?

    I've followed almost all tutorials related to installing orangescrum including the one from official orangescrum site. https://www.orangescrum.com/open-source-general-installation-guide#download-open-source-all But even the official tutorial doesn't work. It stops and says failed to install...
  4. Brief-Wishbone

    How to install PHP 8.x on centos 7?

    https://baransel.dev/post/how-to-install-php8-on-centos/ I've followed tutorials like this w/o avail. Everything works but when at last I do php -v, I see different version of php not 8.x.
  5. Sandeep T S

    How to install FORM (for high-energy physics) on Windows?

    Is anybody aware of how to install FORM(hep) for symbolic calculation? Is that support on windows? Can you share any pdf about installation
  6. roybot

    Motion-powered GPS tracker to install permanently inside a bicycle frame

    Briefly, the problem; stolen bicycles are notoriously difficult to recover. Designing a GPS tracker to fit on one is challenging, because bicycles rarely have their own available power source. Whatever GPS unit is used must typically have its own battery as its sole source of power, which...
  7. M

    Install oomph-lib, a CFD opensource software

    Hi PF! I'm trying to follow these instructions to install an open-source CFD software on Ubuntu: http://oomph-lib.maths.man.ac.uk/doc/the_distribution/html/index.html#download After downloading the tar file http://oomph-lib.maths.man.ac.uk/tar_file_directory/, I type the command >> tar xvfz...
  8. F

    Install and import in Jupyter Notebook

    Hello again, import command: when working with Jupyter notebooks and Python, the command import is used to import both modules and libraries into the working environment, i.e. the notebook itself, correct? This means that the module or library is already installed, i.e. all the code is already...
  9. E

    Preserving data with a new OS install

    This is a locked laptop,in order for it to work again,i need to install a new OS , i am going to remove the hard disk of the computer and extract data on other devices. My friend told me that this is ok, but I am worried that the data saved on the hard disk of the computer will be lost. Maybe...
  10. Michal Fishkin

    How to install PLUTO on Windows

    Hi! I'm a first-year engineering student. I'm working on a project and was having trouble getting some of the software. I was hoping someone in this forum knew what I was dealing with and could help me out. I would really appreciate it. :) The code is called PLUTO. It's found here...
  11. Spinnor

    FIU pedestrian bridge install left it vulnerable to collapse, WTH

    "The pedestrian bridge in Miami that collapsed Thursday had only been put in place on Saturday under a process that allowed for installation of large sections — but that experts said left it vulnerable to collapse until it was complete." From...
  12. Y

    Running compatibility to install old program in Win10

    Hi I failed to install an old Avery label maker program in my Win 10 laptop. The same CD was used to install in a few other computers with XP and Win 7. When I tried to install, the computer said the program is not compatible with the computer. I did try right click the installation .exe and...
  13. E

    Python How to Install the Basemap and the GEOS Library?

    I have been following this procedure on installing the basemap and the GEOS library: https://matplotlib.org/basemap/users/installing.html I have searched through other alternatives, but they seem to provide the same procedure. I need help on understanding the "Installation" process. I am using...
  14. F

    Install Fuse: Positive or Negative?

    hello, I am trying to wire up an LED light bar on my car, but I'm having trouble understanding why the fuse and on/off switch "MUST" go on the positive terminal. To start off a fuse is technically is a switch protecting our loads and will open the circuit (burn) when there is an overload...
  15. J

    LaTeX Integrating MathJax into XenForo: A Simple Solution

    Any tutorials or mods out there - free or paid?
  16. newjerseyrunner

    Reverse engineering an install on windows

    Hello, I'm in sort of a strange predicament. I need to figure out how to install a bunch of software that we don't have install programs for. They did at one time, but I think they've been lost by the employee before me or even before that. Luckily though, I do have servers with the program...
  17. M

    How to install Adobe Encoder on Mac

    Hi PF! I am trying to install Adobe Encoder on my mac, OS 10.10.5 Yosemite. When I go to their website here http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=5940&fileID=5969 and download it and try to open it MATLAB attempts to open it. How should I install this? On a related note, I...
  18. C

    Has anyone been able to install TALYS?

    I've been struggling for the past day to install TALYS (talys.eu) (http://www.talys.eu/fileadmin/talys/user/docs/talys1.8.pdf), a nuclear reaction simulator. Despite attempting their instructions over a dozen times now (both through their setup script and the manual option), each time on a...
  19. jk22

    How to install x11 headers on android?

    Hello, I'm using cppdroid and wrote a c code running a window on x11 (originally Ubuntu Linux) and installed a xserver on android. How could i compile this code on Android knowing it lacks the x11 headers ? Thanks.
  20. G

    MATLAB Persistent plot legend error in recent install of R2015b

    Hey PFers. I recently did an install of Matlab R2015b on a x64 Windows 10 PC. It doesn't matter what I plot or how I plot it (e.g., plot(), scatter(),etc.), when I use the figure dropdown menu Insert→Legend I get the following error Error using assert Too many input arguments. Error in...
  21. Guidestone

    Not Able to install Sp6 for Vb6 on Windows 10

    Hey guys, I've been trying to install the service pack 6 for visual basic 6 but my computer keeps on telling me it can't install it and that I have to search for a compatible version for my computer. I've tried the compatibility options available at the properties menu whenever I right click...
  22. Monoxdifly

    LaTeX How to Install LaTeX in Forum?

    Can you guys tell me how to install LaTeX in a forum? Thanks for advance.
  23. 0dd10ut

    How do I install something on a CD without a CD drive?

    So, I have a Windows 8 Toshiba laptop, however; quite a while ago, the CD drive fell out. (I'm unsure of how it happened, but it might have something to do with my cat. He has knocked my laptop off of my desk several times.) But I want to install something that is on a CD! Help?
  24. E

    Auto/Motor Coilover Installation: A DIY Guide for the Mechanically Inclined?

    Does anyone have a step by step diy install for the coilovers? I am looking into getting some coilovers but I am the type of person that like to work on their own car. I am just wondering if there's any diy instructions out there ?
  25. N

    How to install the serial module into cygwin (terminal)

    Dear group, I downloaded this software "cygwin," (terminal), and trying to run Python on this software but i failed on the installing the serial, Could you please give me some ideal? Thank you, Nate Duong.$ python Blinking_off.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "Blinking_off.py"...
  26. N

    How to install "devcon" into the windows 8?

    Dear Group, I am trying to install devcon into the windows 8, when I follow the instruction, everything looks fine, but when I type devcon on the command window, it shows the message "This app can not run on your PC" I do not know what is going on, and tried to search for more information...
  27. Benjamin_harsh

    Is it necessary to install chipset drivers?

    Is it necessary to install chipset drivers? what happens if i didn't install it?
  28. S

    Having trouble installing photoshop on Windows 7?

    I downloaded photoshop and when i try to install it, it says that Adobe Application Manager is not available. So I downloaded that too and installed it. Now when I try to Install photoshop, it's still not installing. I am using windows 7. Please provide step by step instruction on how to install...
  29. Rectifier

    How do I install babel in Texmaker

    Hey there! How do I install babel language pack in Texmaker? I want to use \usepackage[swedish]{babel} in Texmaker. (Jag är bäst in Texmaker gives Jag r bst when I compile the code) I use Win8 and the Miktex.
  30. Y

    How to install program for XP onto Win 7

    I have a Epson PictureMaid and HP 7410 Printer that I want to install onto my new Win 7 Home Premium desktop. I have the old disc for both of them and they both are not compatible. I know there is a way to run compatibility in Win7 and install the programs. I forgot how to do it, can anyone give...
  31. T

    Double Regulating Valves & 2-Way Valves: Why Install for Chilled Water Systems?

    In working with chilled water system, why do we install "double regulating valve" and "2 way valve" when connecting the pipe to the AHU ?
  32. G

    How many of these adapters can I safely install in one outlet?

    Hi All, Could someone please tell me verify the soundness of my logic? I'm trying to calculate the maximum number of 12V 1 AMP power adapters I can plug into one 15 amp circuit? I'd like to power 16 CCTV cameras, a DVR, and my modem, all which have their own adapters drawing 12 volts, 1...
  33. P

    Troubleshooting Windows Installation Errors: How to Fix CD/DVD Driver Issues?

    I bought a new desktop computer without pre installed os. Now I fail to install 1: XP-the Blue death screen after file loading completes 2: Vista-window can't open required file (install.wim) after collecting information is almost done 3: windows 7 - the required CD/DVD device driver is missing...
  34. DeusAbscondus

    LaTeX LaTex-suite for vim: install and config problems

    Hi folkss, Just wondering if somone reading this might have been through the process of integrating vim and latex via the vim add-on: latex-suite. Despite my having tried to follow the advice given by the maintainer at A (very) quick introduction to Latex-Suite i am still struggling, after...
  35. K

    Should I install my OS on a low-capacity SSD?

    I'm putting together a new high-performance gaming rig and wanted to ask someone here if they could recommend a fast SATA III low-capacity solid state drive to install Windows 8 on. Boot times should be dramatically faster compared to an HDD.
  36. N

    How to Install the TALYS Program for Non-English Speakers?

    please I need help to install this program http://www.talys.eu/download-talys/ please help me
  37. N

    How can I install Mac OS X on my Dell PC with Windows 8?

    I am Currently using Dell Inspiron(i5 & 4GB RAM) with dual Windows 7 and Windows 8. This time I got comfortable with Windows 8 so I want to install Mac OS X on it. How can do that.
  38. B

    Troubleshooting Win7 Installation: Blank Drive List on Asus M5A97 Motherboard

    I have an. Asus m5a97 let r2.0 motherboard and I am installing win. 64 bit. When I get to the screen that asks me what drive do you want to install to the list of drives for me to pick from is blank. My motherboard is. Sata3. And all my drives are. Sata2. Does this keen anything...
  39. T

    Ubuntu Install on new external hdd

    Just a quick question, will I have to partition the new hdd, to load the OS or will it be okay to install OS straight onto?
  40. soothsayer

    LaTeX Install custom Latex package for senior thesis

    Hi guys! I need some Latex help, so I'll try to be a descriptive as I can, I need to create a cover sheet for my senior thesis, and I'm trying to use the Latex format designed by my school, which uses a custom package called "ucscthesisbs" that I have to install in order to have the correct...
  41. C

    Building a PC: All Parts Needed & Software to Install

    can all the parts be bought in hardwares? and if anyone has done this can you please give me all the parts needed, also the software you need to install using windows or linux
  42. S

    Windows 8 Install: Is it Safe?

    Hi , I want to install windows 8 Developer preview on my computer but I'm not sure if I can uninstall it and restore my previous version of windows without trouble .What do you think? Is it safe?
  43. Spinnor

    Basement sump pump liner install, back-fill with concrete?

    I will install a sump pump liner and will dig a hole near a stone wall foundation. My concern is that the hole might weaken the foundation a bit. I have insurance for such things but want to take no chances. If I back fill the space around the sump pump liner with concrete then any effects of...
  44. U

    LaTeX Install Latex to Mirror Microsoft Word Equation Editor 2007-2011

    It takes longer to write out a question and your working, than it does to even get a reply.. And that reply either never comes or is something along the lines of 'I can't tell what you've done'. Latex is so harsh to use, is it possible to install something to mirror microsoft word equation...
  45. C

    Comp Sci How Can I Install Fortran on a MacBook Pro for Numerical Analysis?

    Well I am taking a Numerical Analysis course, and I just bought a MacBook Pro. My problem is that I just barely can handle Mac's software, I need to install fortran and I don't have any idea of how to do it, also I need a program similar to Origin on windows for my mac, for the data analysis...
  46. S

    Install Windows XP 2006 with Ghost

    hi everyone... please tell me the installation of ghost window..i used xp 2006...thanks
  47. B

    New computer won't install windows

    Hi, I just finished building a new desktop PC with an AMD phenom 2 core processor, msi 785gtm-e45 motherboard and a bunch of other parts whose packaging I threw away. I put my windows 7 USB drive in, and started to install, but half way through, the computer reset like it was supposed to, and...
  48. Saladsamurai

    LaTeX LaTeX Install: Do I have this right?

    Hello All! :smile: I need to install LaTeX on a university computer (Windows XP) and so I have to run the install process by our administrator. Before I do so, want to make sure I have all the details. I planned on using MikTex and TeXnicCenter. I believe that I need: 1) To download and...
  49. W

    How to Install SRIM Software on Windows 7

    how to install SRIM software on windows 7?