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Install MikTex first before you install texmaker or texniccenter

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    Nevermind, Got the hang of it now :)
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    I did some research and found this:

    'Texmaker can't compile yours documents if the paths to the LaTeX related commands are wrong.'

    From http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/doc.html#SECTION01

    I get stuck at the first hurdle (again), but where do i set the path for the file 'Latex'? Isn't latex a file of 5 programs? Do i need to set the path to a file with all the programs in?

    It's all too confusing.
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    install MikTex first before you install texmaker or texniccenter, then the program should automatically detect your latex distro and set the proper paths to build the document.

    If not, you have to set them mannually, however, you can still compile the latex documents in a command line console, Win Key + R to open up Run dialogue, then type in "cmd", find your saved file, note that this file can be in any directory, ending in .tex, then type "latex filename.tex", you should see a bunch of messages popping out, and ending up with 3 files- filename.dvi, filename.aux, filename.log, the .aux and .log are misc information during the compilation, the .dvi file is the output, you can now open it with any dvi viewer, i think the default one with MikTex is yap, so try "yap filename.dvi", if not, go to an explorer gui interface and double click the filename.

    All aside, i recommend you reinstalling texmaker and texnic center, it'll probably be easier.

    Or you could switch to linux :P
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    Thanks :D
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    you are welcome. TeX is awesome :P
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