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Installing Pro-Engineer on a linux machine

  1. Dec 6, 2006 #1
    anyone know how to do this? i have 0 experience installing stuff on linux, i'm pretty new to it. i know the one word "un-tarring" and thats about the limit of my capabilities

    it'll be wildfire3 version of proe on debian distro

    thanks for any and all help
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    Scroll down that page till the point where it says:
    "4. Installing from source"

    That is actually a tutorial for Ubuntu (a Debian-based distro), so I think it should work for the most part. You might just want to wait for a confirmation from someone else, since I am new to Linux, too. FYI, if you can find a .deb file for the same program, then it would be as simple as installing a program on Windows.
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    ahh see I don't have solid media, only archive files to be unpacked. i have done so, and tried to run /home/(username)/..../setup, but it does nay work.
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    Mayb you can start the installation by doing the following:
    cd /home/(username)/...
    sh setup
    OR (from within the install directory)

    If that doesnt work, post the output of ls -al from within the install directory.
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