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Instructional Robot Design Project

  1. Feb 25, 2006 #1
    "Instructional Robot" Design Project

    Please assist me in answering some questions I have regarding my design project.

    I must design a robot capable of being used as a demonstrative tool in Universities and Colleges for demonstrations in robotic control. This robot will carry a robotic arm, be able to climb stairs, durable, and also carry video sensors. This robot wil show how inspection robotics are applied in industries such as the Military.

    Some questions I hope you can help me with:

    1.) What would you, as a member of a university faculty, be willing to spend for an instructional robot?

    2.) What demonstrations (as a member of the faculty or a student) would you enjoy seeing? Would you like to control the robot? If so, what would you make it do? Would you like it to have wireless internet control? Explain any features you would like to see.
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    Depends what kind of collage it is and how big the university is.I wouldn't want to spend anything higer then $10,000 maybe around $5,000 if it has everthing I would need it for
    I would like to see it not being controlled by humans and have good A.I and be able quickely respond to chages in the enviroment.I would also like to see it commicating with humans if it is possible.
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