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A good Robotics project for an Engineering Physics undergrad

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    I've beeen searching over and over the internet to figure out what would be a good robotics project, but with a strong relation with physics. Please dont argue that everything in the universe is physics, i agree absolutely, but my colleagues in Engineering Physics are doing projects related to nanotech, quantum mech, photonics and all those super-named areas you usually come across.
    But since I want to pursue robotics, I want my project to be basically in robo, while satisfying my physics profs as well, :/

    If any of you have some good ideas, please help me.. For a start, these were some of the areas i considered : Electroactive polymers for artificial muscles, sensors based on fiber optics, haptics using electromagnetic levitation.
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    What do you have experience doing already in robotics and what do your physics profs require?
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    Hello, if you can find a College First Robotics program in your area, you may be able to participate with the help of your local faculty: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc
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    Try IEEE competitions.

    We finished 15th out of 53 schools.
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