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Integral of polynomial to some power

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    Does anybody know in general how (if) one can perform the integral of a general polynomial to some, not necessarily integer, power? I.e.

    [tex]\int \left(\Sigma_{i=0} ^n c_i x^i \right)^a dx [/tex]

    with [itex] c_i [/itex] and [itex] a [/itex]arbitrary (real) numbers,

    [tex]\int \left(1+x + x^2 + 2x^5 \right)^{1.7} dx [/tex].

    Maybe what I'm looking for is some generalization of Newton's binomium?
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    There is no simple way to do that.
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    I already thought it would be difficult, if not impossible. Too bad. Thanks anyway.
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    [itex]\int\sqrt{\text{fourth degree}}[/itex] = elliptic integral

    [itex]\int_0^1 [x(1-x)]^a\,dx[/itex] = Beta function
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