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B Integral of (x^2+x)/(2x+1)

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    I know integral of (2x+1)/(x^2+x).
    but i don't know integral of (x^2+x)/(2x+1).
    I'm very curious...
    plz answer me...
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    What (rules) do you know about integration?
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    Split the integrand into manageable pieces.
    [itex] \frac{x^2+x}{2x+1}[/itex]=[itex]\frac{x^2+\frac{x}{2}}{2x+1}+\frac{x}{4x+2}[/itex]=[itex]\frac{x}{2}+\frac{x+\frac{1}{4}}{4x+2}-\frac{1}{16x+8}[/itex]=[itex]\frac{x}{2}+\frac{1}{4}-\frac{1}{16x+8}[/itex]
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