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Intel XDK error message can't open. Allow traffic, how?

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    Every time I try to open Intel XDK it comes up with the error message that is attached.

    It gives instructions on what to do to allow the ports,
    and I've attached the screen shots of what I've done in control panel- so in firewall, (with the new windows I can't get to the 'exceptions' tab and I believe the way to it is to go to 'advanced settings', 'indound rules' , 'new rules' and as attached are two screen shots of the new rule I created.

    I was unsure whether I am supposed to go to firewall settings or internet settings, so I've done both as attached.

    As attached I've ticked the 'Bypass proxy server...', however, every time I click back into control panel, the box appears unchecked again (I think this may be because I haven't pressed apply...however this button remains unactive and I have no idea why ! )

    I also dont understand why the 'port' box remains unactive within the 'internet options' 'connection' 'Lan settings'

    Many Thanks in advance.

    p.s- apologies if this isn't the right place to post, if it isn't could someone please tell me where is? ta.

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    Why use a proxy server in the first place?
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