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Intensive GRE study or job over summer?

  1. Mar 21, 2015 #1
    Hello all,

    I'm going into my senior year of applied mathematics this coming Fall semester. My adviser recommended that I take the GRE before Fall semester starts so that I can have my Grad school applications in by the December deadline. My question is as follows:

    Would it be better to study intensively for the math GRE over the summer, or take a full-time job? Or some in-between?

    On the one hand, I know I'll need money. On the other, getting a better GRE score could get me more funding (I assume).
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    I'm in physics so it may be different, but you cannot possibly devote every waking hour of an entire summer to GRE study. You will not only burn out, but be less effective. I urge you to consider taking the full-time job (or less than full-time if possible) and study for the GRE in addition to this.
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    I think the next GRE exams are sometime in October, so I don't see how you can have it taken before the beginning of Fall.
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    Get the job, but take at least 3 weeks off or at the least, part-time, to study. I'd put GRE studying anywhere between a 1 and 4 credit course, depending on the person.
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    Here's another question. Realistically, how important are GRE scores for getting into graduate school and getting funding?
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